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Greetings, Dah'ling!

Founder & CEO

If you have a good heart and are open to growth you're in the right place! My approach is to help my clients identify and remove negative programs, beliefs or habits that are blocking them from achieving their goals.

Intuitive Coaching are offered to Emerging Intuitives.

This 1:1 session is perfect for those who need spiritual guidance or support on a specific issue. This standalone session is a great starting point for those who have never worked with us before and want to build their confidence in our work. We will discuss your obstacles, blocks and provide tools you will need to unlock your potential.



Consulting Services are offered to Senior and Entrepreneurial Intuitives : The main component of this session involves taking clients on a journey where I assist them in getting rid of patterns of behavior, bad habits, programs, or beliefs that are constantly or challenging preventing them from achieving their goals.

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Tech Lead

The A.S.E. Academy was created by Lulu Eye Love and governed by her Team. For many years, she's developed self-help tools for Intuitives from all walks of life. Books, lectures, workshops, seminars, audio recordings, and video are all forms of tools that are created and distributed.


She believe's in human development, the fundamentals of spiritual principles application, and the limitless potential that each of us has as spiritualviduals.

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My Mystic Pantry

Office Manager

At My Mystic Pantry, we offer a wide range of metaphysical supplies that will enhance your spiritual journey. From oils and resins to herbs and crystals, we have everything you need to create a magical space and manifest your desires.

Unlock the ancient wisdom of herbs and harness their magical properties. Not sure how to use a product? Schedule a 1:1 consultation with Lulu Eye Love, who will guide you on how to incorporate metaphysical supplies into your personal design.


Product Manager

Come on in The House; we are excited to invite you to join us for our weekly indie reads in The Foyer. These indie readings are designed to provide you with valuable insights and guidance for your life's journey.

In addition to our indie reads, we also provide weekly homework in The Cellar. These assignments are carefully crafted to help you deepen your self-development and spiritual growth. Whether it's journaling prompts, meditation exercises, or tarot spreads, our homework will support you on your path of self-discovery and transformation.

All of the things provided has your self-development and spiritual growth in mind. At The House of Oshun, we are dedicated to helping you unlock your true potential and find clarity in every aspect of your life.


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