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Living on purpose with purpose
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Apophyllite " The Profound Cleanser" is an interference blocker helps with removing emotional blockages, reducing stress and anxiety, and helps tap into hidden psychic powers, including clairvoyance and deepened spiritual practice.

This crystal serves as a profound cleanser of negative energy, connecting individuals to higher realms, facilitates astral travel, angels, and expanding consciousness. To learn more about connecting and functioning from higher conciousness join us in our Academy. I do suggest before astral projecting or traveling on purpose one should be under the teachings of a master of the art.

This crystal can provide transformation and should be used with care and pure intent. These crystals come in a variation of forms and should be handled with care.

This crystal governs the third-eye chakra and soul star and can assist it's owner with clarity and positivity.

Vibration: High to exceptionally high

Chakra: Third-eye and Soul Star

Timing: Libra and Gemini

Soul Path: clean and clear purpose steer

1-2 inches - product color may differ from picture due to lighting - you will notice a difference in the color and vibration the more you use it.

This raw crystal can be used for making fabulous jewelry, during meditation, in mojo bags, for crystal (in or outside of home)grids, can be placed on your altar, and so much more! Let's get creative like the Creatrix you are.

Disclaimer: Our Raw Stones are packaged and sold with our fully positive intention, the effects of stone energies vary from person to person, are not scientifically validated, and we cannot promise any specific results.

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