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Sweeten your life with our Shut Up and Kiss Me Oil!

Thus, you can use the oil with a crystal or add it to your mojo bag. The Key you receive can be used in crossroad work, a tool of divination, or as a lucky charm by anointing it with the oil or whatever you wish. The key is a bottle opener and in true House of Oshun fashion "Party On!"

You may dab the oil on your wrist, heel of your feet, behind the knees and ears. There are a number of uses for the oil. Please read the pdf that will be sent upon your purchase. DOWNLOAD YOUR FILE IMMEDIATELY Be sure to focus your intent and move and groove to the beat of the drum of the music you wish to create and wallah! Be amazed. That is all.

Below is an introduction to her (Shut Up and Kiss Me) Enjoy!

What is Shut Up and Kiss Me Oil?

She is a Sweet Girl-Shut Up and Kiss Me is an oil and herbal blend. She is designed to assist her owner with self-love patience, prosperity, confidence, courage, inner-strength, good fortune, tranquility among a host of other things (i.e. all the sweet things life has to offer.)

She is an oil with Venus and Jupiter influences. You can wear her on your body (highly suggested), use her in conjunction with yoni candle majick, pour a few drops in your diffuser, mojo/conjure bags, rub her on your favorite stones, et cetera!



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