ooNAYgah WOHgah (White Dove) 4oz

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Care: It is important to remember this is a Herbal-Resin blend and requires special care. You can transfer the product to a glass container or do the following; freeze periodically or sit the can outside with the lid off in direct sunlight to prevent weevils from entering and finding a space to nest.

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ooNaygah WOHgah is a herbal-resin blend created to provide a number of benefits and uses.Please see notes below with important information,.


Herbs- roses, rosemary, lavender, rue, yarrow, and mint

Resin - 3 Kings, 7 Chakras, Styrax, Myrrh, Frankincense, and Black Ethiopian


This blend can be used in mojo bags, candle work, cleansing the aura, connecting to your Star-Player & ancestors, meditation, consecrating of sacred talisman of potency and so much more!

The herbzen blend is shipped in a tin can. If you do not plan to use the enture blend within 1-2 weeks, it is important to transfer the blend to a glass container or place in direct sunlight/freezer for a few hours periodically.to avoid wevils or beetles. Thank you!

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