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How To Prepare For A Reading

When you invest in a psychic/medium reading from me, you're investing in your future - quite literally! You want to get the best reading possible, so please use the tips listed below to make your reading the best it can be.

1. Come with an open mind. Some of the best readings are from people who come in with no expectations of who will show up or how the reading will go. Try your best to be relaxed, happy and with an open mind.

2. Please understand you may want to the answers to certain questions when receiving a general reading. During general readings you will receive information that you need not the information you necessarily want. To receive specific information ask for a specific reading to answer the question of your hearts desires.

3. Make a list of questions . This makes it easier for me to access your energy and intent. If you don’t understand what I’m saying or get confused, simply ask for clarification. I want nothing more than for you to get the most out of your reading.

4. Expect to be surprised! Often times I will sense something far more pressing in your mind that has been an idea or problem. I do this quite often and when it happens, many people are so startled they usually forget what is being said afterwards. So, it’s best to copy and paste the reading and save it. Besides, this will enable you to recall the information and prepare a course of action to transform your life into what you want!

5. Many times people will call or email one last question. As it is, I’m is so inundated with phone calls and appointments that need to be set, many times these will go unanswered. This is why it’s best to prepare for the reading and get all questions and concerns taken care of during the initial reading.

6. It is in your best interest to have an appointment no more than every three months. Why? Simply put, life has to happen! Choices need to be made and free will affects everything. I’m not going to make choices for you, but I will help look at both sides and evaluate how to choose best for yourself based on your own intuition. This is a valuable asset to everyone with decision making. Remember, ultimately only you are responsible for your life, not any one else…ever.

7. Be patient. On another note, if a loved one recently passed away, I ask that you give them time to transition appropriately. Being in a sorrowful or mourning state makes readings difficult and sometimes spirits are so fresh on the other side, they may not come through. It is best to give it a few months before a reading.

8. Don’t think my abilities are on all the time, because I have to live life just like you. I’m not willing to jeopardize your privacy. All readings are confidential on my part.

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