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Purpose: Abortion Spirits

the seed that God planted in you will grow

Abortion spirits are what has a person reject the seed planted in them. The seed is to produce fruit and is unique to the individual. When abort the seed we lose opportunities, sovereignty, relationships, careers, projects, our mind, and connection to our purpose.

How many times have you witnessed a person who gave up? They gave up on their dreams, goals, focus, growth to only find themselves in a cesspool of shattered dreams. Purgatory on earth is evident and it is sad. You will find that some of these people have been through a lot in life.

Abuse and addiction are the top two reasons people abort their purpose. Finding it hard to see life on the other side of trauma, heartache, rejection, disappointment, shame, guilt, and fear. These things can be crippling to an imbalanced mind (of course counseling is recommended.)

Ask any successful person if they have gone through a thing that could have held them back or down. Ask them if they are ever afraid or make bad choices.

They will tell you they have and give you keys that you can carry forward. When we decide to stand up to the abortion spirits that trail us throughout our journey life becomes interesting.

Don't you love it! It is only when we come to terms with the fact: a weapon will form but will not prevail. Do we finally see things for what they are. Greatness.

You have greatness in you and I'm stopping by today to ask you, are you willing to become more? Are you willing to put in the work that is required to be who you came to be? If you say yes today it is law that you say yes every motherfucking day!

If you are surrounded by people (IE entities, energy's, spirits, etc) that are distractions or do not compliment your journey get rid of them. I know in many of my blogs I've said this about clearing your circle and you must know it is necessary. Not only must you clean your circle but yourself as well.

This is why self-development on the level in which you resonate is so important. You have something in you that we all need to experience. We can't enjoy what you have to offer if you don't get off your ass. Like, WTF!

Be weery of people who want to convince you that how far you have come is far enough. Or thoughts that do not align with what you have promised and been promised. You see we have a promise over our lives that we will do a thing in our lives that will make a difference for generations to come.

That promise was made and when you were a child in pre-school you agreed to fulfilll the promise. Do you remember? Yes, your favorite pastime was hopscotch and you promised to live in a castle with a handsome prince that comes to sweep you off your feet. Okay, cool.

We're not talking about the cartoon addicted you. We're talking about that little girl/boy who said they would be great at a thing. You wished upon a star and smiled all while making a promise. That thing haunts you every day it shows up in all you do. All you have to do is remember and connect the dots.

Remember your promise and use that child like imagination to bring that shit to fruition.

It is just as important that you keep connections that encourage your growth and success. It's a Mon-yay and I wanted to share a few words of inspiration with you. You never know what people are going through because most suffer in silence.

There is someone out there who feels alone and to them I want you to know you will find your tribe. You are in a state of isolation because you need to water your seed. This part of your journey is very personal and you should take this time alone serious. This is your time to do some heavy lifting and show that you are a good steward for the gift that lies dormant in you.

Get your ass up, throw on some cute clothes and a lil smell good, and get to work! Whoever you are we support you with love and want nothing but the best for you. You are only alone in the physical not in the spiritual. Energetically we are one. Love you and talk to you soon!

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That's it! Enjoy everyday and smile at the Sun.

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Much needed! This is a beautiful message from beginning to end!! Thank you Lulu!!!💜💜💜💜


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