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Spring Equinox: Let's get the Root Chakra Popping

Greetings, Dah'ling! We are approaching the Spring Equinox – a time of new beginnings and fresh inner-G. On March 19, 2024, the sun will be crossing the Celestial equator, and I can't help but get excited about celestial happenings.

spring equinox

We are preparing to spring into action, it's essential to clear and clean internally and externally. Just as the physical world awakens from winter, we too must declutter our lives and create space for new possibilities. One area that may need the most attention is the root chakra.

The root chakra governs our physical energies and provides a sense of safety and security in our relationships with others and ourselves. Before balancing the other chakras, it's important to first balance the root chakra. From an energetic standpoint, this forms the foundation for our overall well-being.

It's the first substantial wheel of energy among the seven major chakras in the human body is the Root Chakra. Every chakra benefits a particular area of our subconscious body. Additionally, chakras are linked to particular organs. The adrenal gland, colon, and pelvis are connected to the Root Chakra.

When people experience and overactive Root Chakra, they can be bossy, domineering, egoistic, greedy, and even violent. Thus, when it is blocked, the main physical problems are weight gain (or loss), constipation, pelvic pain and incontinence.

Or should we say Masculine energy overtakes the Feminine and things can become muddy if not taken care of early. As of last Thursday I stepped into my Masculine energy a little too much and boom time to re-align. I noticed how my 'GO' was on 10,000 and it became all work and no play. I ended up spending the night out to re-calibrate in a different environment.

I'm still re-aligning and balancing out my inner boy and girl (whatever.) I would like for you to join me prior to the Equinox.

Spring cleaning tips for clearing the Root Chakra to feed your foundation and balance your inner boy and girl.

Reel in inspiration from a grounded stance by nourishing your body with a healthy diet, water, and fiber. Get out and connect with the Earth grid to release what no longer serves you and re-energize your life force; by walking barefoot and touching and talking to the trees, birds, and bee's.

Exercise is always recommended and is an important habit for us. We release so much unwanted or stagnant energy when we simply get moving. Don't forget desk-moms that you can run in place, jumping jacks, stretch, and keep a barbell near-by. I told the guys in The Cellar it's time to clear those balls and prostate by doing a Langam steam last Friday. Working dads you should try it as well.

You can also tap into Root Chakra Balancing frequencies which assists with re-aligning which is always a to-do along with Yoga, cleansing baths, meditations, and a healthy support system. There is a plethora of information online so find what works for you and your personal design!

This is a simple reminder that you are not loose leaf you are a binder. Some pages in your binder need to be re-examined and edited. That's it.

Join us every Friday for Homework in The Cellar at

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Thanks this came right on time when I realized that I need to rebalance


07 mars
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Love Ya and the channel!

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