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Stay True to You In All Your Ways for All of Your Days

Today is a great day to have an awesome and amazing day! I wanted to share with you that it is okay to listen to others. Hell, it is okay to be. inspired by others. However, standing in your truth is more important than what others do or think. Stay true to you in all of your ways and all of your days!

In this day and age our youth are caught up in social norms which do not seem so normal to many of us. What we learn in our years on this planet is the importance of owning our uniqueness. This is so important to rediscover as we continue to grow and develop here in earth school. We can accept guidance and inspiration without losing parts of ourselves that are important for our growth. Our growth is independent and individualized in a way that adds to the melting pot we call humanity.

Another's voice is not as important as The Most High's voice. Be mindful of who and what you allow into your personal world as an influence or character in your life story. The more we step into our truth as individuals the better our environments will become. Think about it for a minute. Where have you fallen short due to listening to the wrong people or indulging in activities that were not designed for you to learn or grow from in a healthy way?

We choose our battles wisely and use our critical thinking regularly to distinguish between what is worth an ear, eye, taste, or feel and what is not. If you allow others voices and opinions to become more important than your own, it is time to reevaluate your surroundings.

Here is quick affirmation to be used to reassure you on a subconscious level to stand on your ten REGULARLY!

"I trust, love and honor all of the different parts of me to work together, as I live my most. creative, honest and beautiful life. I choose to share. myself with those that love and respect all of me."

With that said, surround yourself with loving, inspired/inspiring, respectable, honorable people who allow you to be yourself. People wit morals, values, and standards similar to your own. Those who light the way for others in their own unique way.

Even if you get resistance by those who oppose how you stand in your truth and power that is okay. You don't have to deal with them or grace them with your presence.

Just because people try to dim your light with their darkness doesn't mean that you can't shine. You must stand tall and be the bright light for those who are in a space of illusion in this contaminated world.

I read an article the other about how dark-workers hand themselves over to the underworld willingly. The willingness has to do with oppression to win, manipulation to own, and the de-fragmented mentality of said workers.

In order to know what you don't want to be , it is important to know what you wouldn't dare be a part of . The ability to spot a false lightworker or lower vibrational bottom feeder you have to be connected to your true North. Your Star-Player is the connection that allows proper guidance. The more of us who walk our paths with class the better examples we display for others to stand in their truth.

Your tribe is the vibe that will help you thrive. One by one they will show up and you will be surrounded by love and truth for all of the remaining of your days.

The galactic energy of love and it's effects are undeniable.
Love is exspansive

That's it. It's a feel good Sunday and I really wanted to remind you that you are a blessed and powerful being on earth. You are a wayshower. Keep shining, dah'ling!

Stay true to you in all of your ways and all of your days!

The Shut Up and Kiss Me Oil is available on my website. The Enhancer! If you're confident she will add to that. You can use her on your body or talisman of potency. She adds beauty and expands by command. Again, she is not to be used as a darkworker tool. She will lessen if used with ulterior motives. More to come about her in the near future.

My bookings are open and you can schedule a consultation here.

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Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
Jul 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Ah, this lifted me up so much. Thank you dear Lulu 💚🙏🏻💚

Lulu Eye Love
Lulu Eye Love
Jul 26, 2023
Replying to

You're welcome!

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