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The Process: Alchemy

The more you live and grow you will learn to use your super powers more often. We master a number of things on our journey and as they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

If you look into your journey thus far you will see that you have indeed alchemised many things along the way. I never understood the saying, make a way out of no way or make nothing into something. Makes sense the more and more I keep living.

the spiritual proccess and alchemy. Kundalini rising

When it comes to the trials and triblations you have endure one thing you learn is keep going, keep growing, keep loving and embrace what you learn as a blessing. Every lesson comes with a blessing and a constant reminder of the depth of our comittment to living in our purpose on purpose.

Our experiences give us character, resillience, perserverance and a slew of information. I like it. If you find that you are down and out or beating yourself up or prepared to give up. You must remember how far you have come and why. Your why will change each level you evolve and that is part of the process.

Each level teaches you how to tap into the depths of your soul and the strength and depth of your spirit man! This is where your tools live and thrive for your personal use. The more we stay in our spiritual bag the better. Even atheist have a spiritual bag they name it something else and make sense of things similar to the way we do with the exception of WHO or WHAT they say is in charge.

The dark workers also have a process to go through and of course opposite of us they grow in darkness as government contractors. That is fine. Just know that for every NOUN inhabititing thing that is assigned to you on your journey to diss (ie dis-rupt, dis-mantle, dis-engage, dis-member, etc) you, beneath the surface of chaos is clarity, po. You know that!

Look at the NOUNs who have come into your life good, bad or indifferent that have pushed you to grow and bloom. You are a precious flower and you are meant to engage with all of us with all of your senses. Never manifest from negative thougths, deeds, or energy. It is not worth it. We see peole all the time who manifest from the darkest of spaces only to reverse their true potential.

Remember, as we continue on our journey we shed the old to welcome the new. If you feel that you can't get a break, give yourself a break by changing your outlook. The biggest fear of the enemy is your love frequency, your abilbity to not give in, when your feet hit the floor every morning, your desire to face challenges with grace are a threat.

This Scoprio new moon energy is very revealing and empowering for sure. Don't you just love it! The process we each grow through shows us how alchemy works and how to use our natural born skills and powers.

new moon practice manifestation the house of oshun

The more we realize with our real eye what truly matters the easier our paths become. We are not born to conform fully to this worlds (as they say, isn't that in the holy texts?) Now then, the process of spiritual awakening shows us this and helps us understand how life works.

If you ever find yourself questioning how it all works , listen for the answer. Pay attention to the synchs, messages from strangers, etc. What you understand I may not understand because what you know may be strictly for you and your growth.

Alright, I'm out. I pray you are well and fine on this beautiful Taco Tuesday.

Sidebar: Everything you learn you earn the right to keep growing and glowing. You look good!

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Treat Yourself
Treat Yourself
Nov 15, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks your timing is impeccable as always back to QY 🙏💜🙏


Jordyn Walters
Jordyn Walters
Nov 14, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

thank you very much!!

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