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There Are Many Rooms In Lé House...

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Hello Housemates!

I hope you are well! Add to that bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! I hope you feel like a spring chicken. I hope you have a pep in your step. I hope when you dip it low you pop back up like you have the knees of a 20-year-old!

Today I discovered a new room in The House! Is it really a new room? One could say it has always been there waiting for the cobwebs to be removed, waiting to be polished, shined, and restored to its former glory.

So here we are, dusting and polishing this beautiful wooden table with Pledge and dying a little inside. Perhaps coughing dramatically, because it's Pledge! It gets the job done though.

This whole set up reminds me of the movie Clue! Real quick! Who are you from the movie clue? Yes. You're correct. It was a board game, but the actors in the movie are awesome. If you are wondering who I am, I would be The Butler, and at this point, you'd all be saying, "Get on with it!" But seriously, based on the movie, who would you be?

Ok. I'm getting on with it. The new room I found in the house is The Study! It's nice in there. There's a nice fire going, some comfy chairs. A few folks are sitting at that table that was just cleaned with Pledge taking notes by candlelight. Whoo! It's sexy!

"Oh. I'm sorry." Somebody just shushed me y'all. Look at them all studious and whatnot. Swirling their cognacs, sipping their tea, and coffee. I’m sure there’s a secret door in this room. I’m certain Lulu is behind it listening. Watching. Waiting.

I know! “Get on with it!”

I am excited y’all. As I should be! For those of you interested in joining The Study be on the lookout for an email from A.S.E. Tools For Intuitives An application will be available for you to fill out soon!

What is The Study? I know! I've been meandering. I walked you all around the park, showed you all of the trees, and flowers, but never sat you down on the park bench! I know.

"Get on with it!"

The study is where we will be reading the book of the month. The book will be selected by Lulu each month and of course, we will discuss it. I don't want to say all are not welcomed into the study, but I will say it is a commitment, and that's why there is an application process.

I will, however, be sharing the book of the month in the blog and offering insights when possible. I welcome you to do the same. Without further ado! Drumroll, please!

The Book of The Month is:

The Convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon. We will be reading Book Three!

Yes. There's a book one and two. There's also a fourth, and fifth one. We're reading book three, and that's OK. Don't be such a Virgo about it. Time is not linear. It’s an Illusion.

Don’t forget to go to A.S.E. Tools For Intuitives. There’s a free source hub with a plethora of information and of course The R.D.P. Series: Recognize Spiritual Attacks is available as well.

Happy Virgo Season! I hope to see you in The Study!

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