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Recognize: Patterns of Behavior

A workbook
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For ages 12 and up. This 20 page workbook is a mini version of A 90-Day Journey to Mindfulness and is just as effective. There are three pages designed to assist you with Recognizing generational patterns that you can think of.

In those pages, you will vent all about the stronghold(s) and how it has affected your family. The pages that follow are where you will highlight three of the patterns that you want to Defeat. Once you name the 3 patterns, you will express any pitfalls or struggles that may come about by choosing to take on these patterns.

Then you will jot down the highlights from the previous pages by writing one pitfall per pattern. Once you have completed those pages, you will create an action plan. It is really very simple. This workbook is not filled with fluff; it is straight to the point. You should also get straight to the point and stick to the steps you say you can take to begin the journey of changing patterns.

Trust that when you show up for yourself, you are being of great service to yourself and to many others who will follow you. Repetition breeds habit, and by creating a habit you can stand by, you will be victorious as a result. Don't be surprised if you find that the patterns are interconnected and that the root of the issue is one thing overall.

Be amazed. Be very amazed.

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Sidebar: I will soon add to this workbook. Let's chat later.

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