Where we Encourage Ascension and Spiritual Expansion (A.S.E.)


About The House Of Oshun

The House of Oshun is a spiritual home for the Intuitive Community. Our doors are open to Emerging Intuitives, Senior Intuitives, and Entrepreneurial Intuitives from all walks of life. It is our mission to encourage Ascension and Spiritual Expansion-a never-ending process. We embrace with great confidence, integrity, and love-- our responsibility to provide the tools necessary for spiritual growth. 


Accountability. This is a must have in one's spiritual evolution. No one can accept responsibility for you and your actions/reactions but YOU. It is up to you to do the inner work and accept the hard truth about the role you play in any given situation. Stand up for yourself, accept responsibility, communicate your feelings thoroughly, and you will grow.

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Here is What Housemates have to  Say!

I had a reading with Lulu, and she is amazing at what she does! Truly gifted, if you're open to receiving messages she is the person to contact! Her energy is infectious, and she is a beautiful soul. She provided me with so much clarity, and truly helped me! I would recommend her to all of you seeking for some answers...Namaste.

 -Niharika S.