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Are Other People Your Responsibility?

Top of the day to you!

wake up and enjoy the benefits of greern matcha tea

The question of the day is, Are other people your responsibility? Really sit with that question and jot down 10 reasons why other people are your responsibility and 10 reasons they are not. Meditate on both lists and create a third list based on the revelations that arise.

You may find that you are not self aware, not as sensitive as you thought, bitter, or down right hurt. Or maybe you find that you are a people pleaser or take on too much of others burdens and it is draining. Figure it out then balance it out. If you have high school children, you are stepping into the vortex of letting go and trusting that you have done the best job you could.

It's easy to say people are responsible for themselves if you live in a cave on a remote island. Out of sight out of mind of course.

We have a shared responsibility for one another daily, dah'ling!

going out and shared responsibility

Example 1: When driving your car you are operating in collaboration with others. If you decide to speed and switch in and out of lanes abruptly it can cause a chain of confusion, wrecks, or maybe road rage.

Deciding to drive recklessly can cause havoc for others. You may scare the shit out of someone and they crash out or because of you they lower the speed limit and create new laws for the county in which you decided to break the law.

Now because of you there are more officers on the road patrolling when they could be assigned to neighborhoods that need their immediate response. Look i'm not a government official or lawmaker but it does happen like this often.

Example 2: Someone who doesn't have self discipline or low self esteem goes out cheats and gets caught. Cheating has to be one of the most damaging things an empath can experience in their life. So they cheat and break the bond with their spouse.

Deciding to step outside of a relationship and give in to the lower nature for a feeling is irresponsible and disruptive. Back when I cheated (got caught once but the Universe keeps receipts I must admit) it didn't matter about the other persons feelings, our bond, or the repercussions. I was young, dumb, and full of rum.

Cheating on a loyal spouse will cost you. We learn that we are responsible for others feelings and our actions deserve a reaction. Have you ever noticed cheaters can't handle that get back? They lose their gidamn mind if they are cheated on. It's a humbling experience when you hold yourself accountable and let bygones be bygones, you have to take your lick or the cycle gone stick.

At any rate, now the spouse has lost their sense of self worth and self value then goes into a numbing depression. A depression that can be long lived if not treated early on. The spouse loses themselves and becomes angry and dissatisfied with life. There are so many stories of what happens when a person is cheated on and the outcome can be horrific.

If you are going to wake up everyday and claim victory over your life it also means you are claiming this for everyone else you interact with. Hear me out. You have sole responsibility for yourself this is all you have immediate control over. Every action deserves a reaction on the cool.

Self control comes with a level of responsibility that is bigger than you, Pooh! Every choice you make has a consequence and not only for this lifetime. You set the standard for your bloodline and that should be enough to change your ways.

If you know you are the ambassador of your bloodline it is important to keep these things in mind. Especially when making decisions that have a ripple effect. I believe most decisions cause a ripple effect but who am I to believe.

They say, hurt people hurt people. I say, if we heal as we grow the hurting can stop one person at a time. Don't take others hurtful actions so seriously that you return the favor. Oh no, walk away and bookmark the energy realm and it's characteristics for future observation. Once you see a person for who they are yourself included the quicker you can come to terms with the reality of the connection or circumstances.

It's even possible we trigger people and have no idea that we did. This is why if there is not clear communication with others in our immediate circle it can cause confusion and delusion.

May your steps be ordered and you decide to take a hold of your responsibility for others by changing the patterns that confine you to deeply planted roots meant to be pulled up and destroyed.

That's my Ted Talk for the day. Drop me a comment below with what you decree and declare to change as the ambassador of your bloodline TODAY. Let's go!


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Jan 30
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you! This message is very encouraging :)


This message came right on time Ms. Lulu. Eye appreciate you abundantly


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A safe place to express oneself

Replying to

I totally understand and where have you been? Are there groups you can join or maybe social events surrounding a particular interest?


Jan 25
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This is timely as my 22yr daughter declares she wants me to let her be. She is my 4th (last) child and only girl.

As GOD guided me I know HE is guiding her.

So it Is

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I've been dealing with those same feelings with my eldest daughter, who is now 24. She's out on her own now, working and has her own place here in Midtown, Houston. I have to let her go and trust that The Most High has her better than I ever could.

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