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Back up off me 2020!

Hello Housemates!

I don’t know about you, but there’s a part of me that wants to set 2020 ablaze! I want to do this the old fashion way. I want the gratification of rubbing two sticks together until there’s a spark.

I want some good kindling for this! I want a slow-burning buildup! I want to see it grow and then one after the other. Two. Zero. Two. Zero. One at a time. Into the fire they go! I would like to see those numbers crackle and burn. I want to hear them in the fire saying, “I’m melting! I’m melting!”

I want to settle into a nice comfy wooden lawn chair with a nice bottle (that’s right I said bottle bitches!) of malbec or shiraz. I want a sexy wine glass in one hand and a cigarette in a cigarette holder in the other like those women in the old black and white films.

I want to sit there with my legs crossed and watch 2020 slowly turn into ashes. No. Not ashes. Ashes are too good for 2020. I want to see it become the goopy gucky puddle of mess it has threatened to turn some of our lives into.

Of course, while staring into the fire I’ll realize that there have been some good times, and opportunities for growth. “Hell,” I’ll say while letting a cloud of smoke escape from the corner of my mouth, “You weren’t all bad 2020.”

2020 has been a lot of things. It has catapulted us all into a major shift of awareness if you choose to see it that way. It has been a year of recognizing your purpose. If a pandemic and an uprising don’t make you do that, then I don’t know what will. If the deaths of loved ones and some of the most influential people on this earth don’t want to make you stand in and move with purpose I don’t know what will.

We can look at all the shit 2020 has given us, and we can set it ablaze. We can sit and watch it burn, but after that what will we do? What actions will we take to move forward, to learn, and grow in life?

2020 is the year of cleansing. It is the year of regrouping and gathering. It is the year of sifting through the rubble and examining every aspect of our lives. Take what serves you and leave the rest behind.

No. No. No...none of that, “Mmmm, this still might be useful” shit. I need you to turn into Marie Kondo up in this bitch. Does it spark joy? No, then out it goes. That goes for all of the Nouns, my friends. What are you heading into 2021 with? It’s not that far away, so start clearing the way, and building yourself up for it.

Folks keep saying I can’t wait for things to be normal again. Why would you want things to go back to normal? Why wouldn’t you, when presented with an opportunity to recreate, rebuild, reshape, remold-pick one of those words or all of them, but if allowed to propel yourself forward in a way that some of us would have never gotten a chance to had 2020 not been the ass nut that it is, why wouldn’t you? If allowed to follow and make your wildest dreams come true why wouldn’t you? The only response I’ll accept is, "Because I want to become a serial killer." That’s the only way I’m letting you off the hook. That’s the only response that would make me say, “Correct! You should NOT pursue your life-long dream of going on a crime spree, and becoming a serial killer.”

Well, wait. If you are planning to sleigh the evil dragon that is 2020, then perhaps? Mmmm maybe? OK. OK. Let me ease up on 2020. It is not completely to blame for its assholery. It’s not like 2020 is a person, but if it was, I’d like to catch it in a back alley one day on a dark and foggy night and shank it prison style a few times, then just wail on it until my knuckles are raw and dripping with blood.

Wait. Wait. Wait. We’re taking it easy on 2020 right? We’re taking responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for the way we treat Mother Earth and all of the inhabitants thereof, right?

But oh!!!! 2020, it would take a few people to pull me off and hold me back!

We can’t deny that 2020 has been a knockdown, drag-out, brawl of a year. It has been downright shitty for some of us, but I don’t want us to forget that it is during these times that our choice is the most important. Not only will it determine the outcome, but it is an opportunity to realign with, and affirm your purpose.

Will you continue to curl up in a ball and let 2020 keep pummeling you, or will you take a deep breath, pull yourself up on wobbly legs, stare 2020 square in its zeros, wipe your bloodied and bruised face, and through swollen lips say, “Hey 2020, you punch like a bitch.”

I’m voting for the latter, and I hope you are too. There is no going back unless you are retrieving something that helps you on your journey.

We are saying yes, and moving forward despite the fear. Despite that little voice that would have us shrink away from our greatness. Good enough- are not words we utter any longer. We strive for excellence in all things. We invest in ourselves without guilt or shame. We move forward heads up, chests out, and backs straight.

After all, what is the purpose of setting something ablaze if you’re not walking away from it like a badass, a boss bitch, or both?

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