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Becoming Fearless Within Will Reflect Without

Top of the day to you, fearless ONE!

no way but through
NO way around it, you gotta go through it!

Regardless of your circumstances you have the right to be fearless within! Sometimes panic may set you up for a mind filled with puzzling thoughts. Your body reacts to your thoughts now you are scattered and combative. Why is that? Because you forgot who you are in a moment and began to feed on the worst case scenario.

When we react to fear we're unconscious and disconnected from our true and authentic self. We forget our sovereignty and how the tide will turn. Maybe not today or tomorrow but it will for sure turn.

Living a fearless life is a choice you have as an Intuitive. Of course i'm not speaking on if someone pulls a gun on you or robs you. No. Fight or flight kicks in and so can fear. If you live in fear you are telling your body, mind, and spirit you don't want to live a life of freedom.

Freedom is an aspect of fearlessness and firm belief in a better day to come. Becoming fearless within will reflect without every time your faith is tested. How is it that you can celebrate a win without celebrating while the perceived loss is taking place? How is this.

How do you relax and tame your incoming mental traffic on a regular basis? Once you train yourself to NOT absorb negative thoughts and circumstances you will become unstoppable. I've learned people who reside in a state of fear want things to happen fast or simple when patience is required.

For instance, dark workers. Workers of chaos and confusion to be specific want things to happen fast. They want power and to have their way by any means. They are lost. Lost people seek things that are not in alignment with their assignment.

They want to reign in the material realm by any means. They are selfish, deplorable, and desperate. Things rarely end well for these shadow lurkers. Now then, your thoughts depict and determine your experience. If you live a life of fear and immediate results warrant different terms and conditions.

Often times reading the fine print of your soul imprint is important before getting into mind traps or faith gaps. That is to say, some people are meant to be right where they are trapped in a life of hurt, pain, and suffering. As more than likely they wanted this for others and made a conscious decision to be there.

How many times have I witnessed people who don't learn the primary lesson and continue to live a life according to their carnal nature. Chiiiiii, let them folks sit in that with that. We learn to sit in balance of the masculine and feminine energies within.

The masculine dominates the minds of many in our patriarchal society. When we are balanced we know when to hold them and when to fold them. We learn to sit in the flow thanks to the feminine which settles the masculine. When fear sets in the first thing we think is 'what to do' or 'what action do I need to take' to resolve this issue today!

Well, well, well when you hold onto your beliefs due to the receipts from your past you're not easily tempted by bad built and friends. Sometimes being fearless looks like walking away from a situation you were comfortable in, removing yourself from tainted social groups, or standing up for a cause bigger than yourself.

The way out of the loop of fear is to become more allowing, hunny. Relax. Pull back. There are always signs and synchs that align with the correct action to take. Know yourself, hone your discernment, and connect like a Rolex. All day everyday! Ya' hear me.

People who have a lot of negativity built up are rarely happy people. They look for some thing or someone to make them happy outside of themselves. Someone to tell them they're okay or what to do. The more you work on yourself the more you will be of healthy service to us. Thank you in advance!

Be the fearless leader your were born to be. This is vital due to the current state of humanity. It's wild outside, chiii. Align daily and recognize when you are operating in an unaligned space. Notice you mood changes, vibe changes, how often you have to recenter or refocus daily. Here you will find your work.

It will take some time and once you get there master staying there. The space you create for a meditative life of alignment is up to you. That's my Ted Talk for the day.

Have an awesome and amazing week. We're counting on you!

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Jan 30
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

For me, this is a powerful message, and the lines with the healing work that I am doing, thank you!

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