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Bottom Dwellers Scavengers of Lower Realms

Greetings and welcome to this weeks to-do. Stay away from the ocean floor where bottom dwellers creep and explore. When you encounter people of the bottom dwelling kind stay far away from them. Bottom dwellers (as people) lurk the lower realms seeking food and destruction to prove to themselves they are a master. Masters of the lower realms seek validation for the parts of the ego that we as lighthouses release as we ascend. They do not believe in love or have never experienced genuine experiences with others and have no compassion for nothing or no one. They are scavengers of the lower realms and it's always FUCK THEM.

the bottom where bottom feeders dwell, the bottom
Wrecked out and Rusty

I know i've told you all to stay away from the dis-gruntled, dis-membered, dis-respectful, dis-trustful etc.. I'm saying it again. If you take your journey serious you will not tolerate those who expose themselves to be of the dark. Make up your mind that you will not tolerate low vibrational NOUNS. By doing so your angels and ancestors will sing with joy! Don't you want that? I like it.

Connections are a very important part of your life path and you must be diligent in who, what, when, where, and how you connect. If you have found yourself in the same mental space when it comes to dealing with certain NOUNS ask yourself is it worth it? People have something in common when they connect and there is always a destination for the connection.

Audit your connections and really be truthful with yourself about the end game. If people want to walk away, allow them and celebrate their departure the same way you celebrated their arrival. Stay in the moment and appreciate those who are on the journey and are doing their work regularly. I call these check points. Just about everything has a check point to discern if it is working and growing or withering and folding.

When The Most High removes people from your life do not hold on to them with hopes of your expectations to materialize. To learn to walk alone and still be in love is one of the most powerful things you can do on your path. Not to say you will not encounter others along the way but those who are to play instrumental parts in your life movie will appear.

Go back to the book The Four Agreements and begin again. Often times the thing that is making you sick is the connecting force between you and a bottom dweller. For instance in marriage a woman takes a mans name and changes her genetic and spiritual structure. She inherits a new covenant to his bloodline. I believe marriage should be taken serious and the connection should be audited regularly.

To form relationships or allow yourself to be connected to people of the bottom dwelling kind can be detrimental to the promise over your life. Do you take promises seriously? I suggest you do especially if you are a person of your word and honor your path wholeheartedly. We live in some interesting times as the lost are leading the lost and the truth is buried by a lies.

Allow yourself to absorb the information and apply where needed
Knock, knock!

Let's go into your diet. Your conversational diet to be exact here today. How quick are you to come to resolve with a person you are having an unhealthy conversation with? Are you aware of how your energetic field and subconcious mind digest information? When you are being told some a story of destruction not only are you agreeing to what you hear and begin to feel, you are also going to see things of the like show up in your life. If you are unaware of how your manifestation powers are used against you, there's your answer.

At times you connect via conversation with people and now all of a sudden you are having the same synchronization's and events happen in your life. The fuck are you doing. We call this cording or connecting energetically via wiring that is not visible by the naked eye. Hello!

Sometimes people will pop up and try to reel you back into their self created wormhole. Don't go!

Recognize: Bottom Dwellers

Take a closer look at your surroundings and find where legal rights lurk
Peep this shit!
  1. Dramatic Dana - those who surround themselves with drama and chaos and do nothing to change their circumstances

  2. Emotionally distraught - those who wallow in their pain and dump the load on you without asking if you are in a space to hear/help. These people tend to exchange their energetic interference with your energetic balance causing you to take on their baggage and refill their cup based on your collaboration

  3. Physically paralyzed - these people live an inactive life and never go out into the word to explore. They are usually identified by where they are most times you speak with them. If you ask these types about taking a friend-cation they give many excuses to do with their immobility or inability to mobilize. These are interesting as the cycle they represent in the tarot is the 5 of pentacles as their resting place. Often times they are hypochondriacs or speak of grandiose things they have never experienced or encountered.

  4. Energy Shifters - the Debby Downers who have nothing good to say or do and the entire environment shifts to a lower vibration when they come into a room. These are the type who come to destroy anything they interact with. They usually have an attachment and have become the physical incarnate of said attachment.

  5. Parasitic Players - these are walking orgies of all of the aforementioned. They harvest energy and want something from everyone they encounter even via social media. If you look you took. These types are trapped in a web of their own creation and only want to trap the susceptible.

Overall, it is important to recognize the patterns and traits of the bottom dwellers of your life. They usually have something in common with some harmful being from your past, they show up as a more advanced and horrible version. For instance if in your teenage years you had run ins with certain types of emotional manipulators, abusers, and the like.

The more you advance in life you will notice the red flags of these types quickly and can take swift action. If you are finding similar reflections in yourself that is your que to work on self and become far removed from that which has come to connect, destroy, and enjoy your downfall.

Defeat: Bottom Dwellers

you do nnot need a presciption for these things
No pill, real spill
  1. Set clear and concise boundaries here on earth and in the astral regularly

  2. It is important to know what is your shit and what doesn't belong to you; hand over what does not belong to you swiftly.

  3. Stick to your practices and add to them as you continue to evolve. They say new levels new devils, right? Well, each level you ascend you may be faced with new angles and approaches to handle situations. The same way they have to find a new way to connect with you. Always ask for Divine Guidance and do as you are told.

  4. Disengage the moment you encounter a vibration that is meant to infiltrate. The less you cord with them and cultivate raising your frequency regularly the smoother your road will be. This also goes for yourself. If you find yourself going into some low places only to be uncomfortable when you come back to your senses, run. Run to your sacred space and re-calibrate. Check yourself before checking others. Mmmmkayyyyy!

  5. Take your God/dess breaks weekly to allow your cup to be filled. A cup of love surrounded by higher spirits is not as easy to create havoc in or around. On your breaks it is important to create a conversation around where you are, who you are, and what you should do next.

Of course, having people in your network to assist you is a great way to gain insight on more daunting interference. A Reiki Master can cleanse you and give you a reading about what they picked up during your session. A High Priest/ess can assist you with cleansing, clearing, and also give you information you need on your journey. It is important to remember where you are led you are fed. When dealing with spiritual people it is important to know why they do what they do and listen to the stories surrounding the 'why'. Often times people have come into contact with those who masquerade as a higher initiate and lack the basics like love, compassion, and dignity.

You can not go about on this journey allowing anyone and everyone to dance in your energy. You will learn that there are well-informed people who do not live the way they help. If that makes sense. We all are evolving and that is a given, however how serious do you take your evolution? Wouldn't you want to be in contact with people just as serious as you? Ah, the tangled web weaved by greed and conceit is a dangerous one. Be mindful, present and aware of these things.

Prevent: Bottom Dwellers

The charge of the solar plexus will keep you afloat even on your worse days
Solar Plexus Poppington!
  1. Your health is your wealth! When the solar plexus is popping you will be able to feel everything that is going on. You are connected to your truth and confident in the decisions you make. Your inner alarm goes off when you tap into the strength of your core and align with the inner self. The thing is , the solar plexus will keep you on your ten. When you have a strong sense of self it will be hard for bottom dwellers to take you down. Someone can come into your space and do anything to say you are not who you are, but will you believe them? Are they worthy of your trust and connection?

  2. Master your Chi energy or life force energy. Meditation, exercise, interactions with high vibing NOUNS. This is important because this keeps you in alignment until your next upgrade. This powerhouse in itself can straighten all the other energy centers even when depressed. The more you master this one the easier it is to speak words of power over your being and have all in agreement within. Hello!

  3. It is important to know what type of people/spirits you will connect with. You see, when you know who your people are you won't question who they are not. Never go into the tranced mindset of seeing the good in people who show you with their actions and habits they are not good. Maybe the timing was off and you were meant to encounter them for one reason or another. That's it. Don't make it out to be more than it is. Celebrate their arrival and departure. Remove yourself from situations where nothing grows. The fruit always shows.

  4. Revise your principals, standards, laws that govern you and stick to them. When you receive new laws add them to the others never delete the entire list to begin again. What was has helped you this far, what is now will help you through the next leg, and what will be shall be determined.

  5. No second guessing.

  6. Stay away from dead spaces. Dead spaces are where you use to have fun and enjoy and you have outgrown. These spaces can be barren and toxic to you and your existence merely by discussing them. Stay away from them.

  7. Stand on your goals and beliefs until you are notified otherwise. Harm none and do as you please.

  8. Stay strapped. Strapped with A.S.E. Tools that you have gathered along the way. Every level of your ascension you have picked up some useful tools and have become the magician/alchemist each step of the way. Stay on your self mastery shit!

Alright, that is my Ted Talk for the night! I pray you all are well, fine, and armed with Divine Protection in this crazy world.

Indie reads will be on Patreon and Youtube (The Cellar) and we will be live on the Tube this week for Mudra reads. Hope to see you there!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I didn’t realize how sensitive energy really is until I paid closer attention. It’s with all things I did not realize GREAT INFO LULU 💜💜🤣


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

WOW!!!! I'm shook. This couldn't have come at a better time. I just got a call from a bottom feeder that I haven't talked to in years, wanting to reconnect. This is my confirmation, "Bye Felicia." Thank you, Lulu 💜💜


Treat Yourself
Treat Yourself
Oct 19, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks Lulu what a beautiful thing to read before Bed after a long but beautiful blessed evening of having family from out of town over it really sunk in i like the sink in picture as I’m a visual learner and I truly appreciate you as my favorite most fun mentor on my Journey i’m forever grateful for this outlet and what you do for us in Le House 💯

God Bless you and The House Of Oshun,



Sarah M. Jordan
Sarah M. Jordan
Oct 18, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hot damnnnn Lulu I was just telling one of my clients about boundaries and boom, this is perfect. I will share this with her. "If you look you took," well color me SHOOK. Peace <3

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