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Coping Skills: Are you progressing or repressing?

Greetings, welcome to the place where change takes charge! I'm excited to be in the skin to be i'm in today and you should be as well. I pray that you are. Let's chat.

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Q: What is coping? A: Psychologists define coping skills or coping mechanisms as the conscious thoughts and behaviours used to deal with stressful situations. -

Yes, I checked the medical profession and other sites for a definition and the website above put it in a nutshell. With that said, how do you cope with life and the people who thrive in a hive mindset?

How you handle stressful situations says a lot about how you deal with yourself. If you find that you recoil or retreat when the going gets tough you are showing the world you are not willing to stand up for yourself. Standing up for yourself does not mean be confrontational, irrational, or ambiguous to what is happening. Often times people forget that what happens to them radiates through them. This is where we find that suicide, homicide, and domestic violence rates are soaring.

The age we live in there is mass confusion; people are not aware of their vulnerabilities and how to fix them. Sometimes it can be damaging to the self to admit when you are feeling vulnerable. It shouldn't be that way but it is. Lots of old programming is the root cause. Stress is connected to the root chakra. When we are feeling overwhelmed by life's trials and tribulations the imbalance is noticed in this energy center.

Your emotions can wreak havoc on your physical body in a number of ways. This is why taking charge of your reactions and responses is detrimental to your being. Think about it when violent offenses occur there is a mental disconnect mixed with emotional distortion.

There are times when you must speak up for yourself and move to your next tier in life. It can be uncomfortable to face your fears in a healthy way. The benefits of having strategic coping mechanisms in place will take you further and not hinder you. Updating your go-to's will change as you grow/develop. New levels new shovels. Hello!

When we are hindered by things we have repressed it can stunt our growth as spiritual beings having a human experience. No matter how much knowledge you have in your mental database, how are you applying it!

Your personal coping skills should be effective and allowed to be tested. Stress can cause one to miss opportunities and tune out the Divine. If you tune out the main-line who will you rely on in desperate times? You should always be capable of seeking wise council in the blink of an eye.

If you have a problem with someone or something in your life you should feel safe within. Safe enough to speak up or do something about the situation before it gets out of hand. My new mantra, "have the hard conversations." That includes with yourself. At least 3 times a week you need to have a sit down with yourself and ask the following questions:

Around seven in 10 adults (72%) have experienced additional health impacts due to stress, including feeling overwhelmed (33%), experiencing changes in sleeping habits (32%), and/or worrying constantly (30%). - American Psychological Association
Speak to the mic and say hello!

  1. Where can I hold myself accountable for what has happened?

  2. How can I do things differently the next time? (ie opposite of flee'ing, shrinking to make others comfortable, bad attitude, etc)

  3. Where does my stress response stem from? (ie the root of your current coping skills)

  4. Who can I bounce ideas off of that is unbiased? Sometimes the views of others are hard to hear but worth the listen

  5. What can I do to change the relationship I have with my inner child?

  6. Why do I feel the need to avoid certain people or situations?

Now that you have answers you can create strategic actionable steps to create a new you. Changing the way you view things will have you change the way you do things. If you held close in mind the way you process information and digest it; you will find that you may need a new diet that has more to do with dealing with rather than letting things slide. The fuck are you a theme-park? Haha I had to do it.

One of the best coping skills i've grown to love more is compassion. Having compassion and grace with myself and others is top-tier. Because you never know what others are going through and if they are hanging by a string in this chaotic world. The grace and compassion I feel for others has taught me my responsibility here on earth. I am responsible for myself and anything I do or create places more responsibility on me. Does that sound/feel stressful to you? It shouldn't because you are in the same boat.

When we are in our natural flow state in life we become more accepting and aware of our duties here on earth. We develop and incorporate new tools to get our work done. Our duties start with how we treat ourselves and that is reflected our into the world as we interact with others.

I would love to demand that you stop stressing out over small things. Instead I will ask that you write down all of the things that 'got you fucked up' and notice how they connect. Notice the sensations in your body, the thoughts that arise with the things that "piss you off" and your facial response to what you are jotting.

You have to let it out and once you do de-clutter the list by creating a new list of what you will not allow to stress you out. Keep that for the next Full Moon. Now then, the list of things you need to create healthier coping skills for write 5-10 skills for each one. Begin using them immediately.

Remember, the solutions are easy it's the problems that seem huge. How big are they actually? I'll wait. I hope this helps someone out there. If you need help with figuring it out and creating a new blue print book with me. Enjoy your day!

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A balanced wife is a happy wife!

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