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Driven but Who's Driving?

Monday greetings! I dropped by quickly to talk about the importance of understanding your own motives. When we are motivated to achieve a goal, discover our purpose, or finish a project, we should be conscious of who is driving.

Who's driving, Sam?

Are you motivated by an inner calling focused on the ultimate benefit and outcome for everyone, or by personal wants and needs?

Is your quest for a NOUN purely ego-driven, and if so, why? To begin, ask yourself, "Why do I want this thing/person?" I've discovered that it's difficult for intuitives to differentiate between what they need and what they want and why.

What motivates you can make or break you. Intuitives frequently live in fear and are unaware of who or what is propelling them down their path. The more you connect with a greater calling, realm, or mission, the more you'll realize that what was driving you was the thoughts, opinions, energy/interference of others.

It is certainly extremely basic math. When you know where you're going and have separated everything in your life into its own interrelated domain, you'll feel more whole, separate, and unique. You do not let anything or anyone on this planet drive you. You are in touch with your true and authentic self, and you live your life with gentleness, ease, and grace.

The 5 of cups, for example, could represent the absorption of other people's emotions, the 5 of swords, the mental link or interruption created by other people's words, the 5 of wands, the imbalance of your energy centers, and the 5 of pentacles, how you regard yourself in relation to societal norms.

These instances are about influence; what influences you is what drives you. Be mindful.

Fives represent adaptability, freedom to select a new path, and vigor. Each level of ascension we attain, change is a motivating factor. The significance resides in how we deal with the many changes and challenges we meet in our life. Level up!

Allowing someone else to drive can be hazardous and damaging. How many times have you fallen victim to the 5 of cups and believed that someone was your end-all-be-all? You give them free reign over your existence to the extent of draining one of your most prized resources? Your emotions/feelings. Do you realize how potent those are? What you grumble about in your current environment has a lot to do with how you use your emotions on a daily basis. I'll be wait.


Your emotions are the link to your manifestations, the water for the seeds you planted before birth. The water for the next big aim or project you're putting together for us.

What about when we invest financially or physically in the wrong things or people? The 5 of pentacles is a good example of this. Have you ever had a one-night stand and woke up feeling like filth the next day (raises hand, but it was fun)?

Or perhaps you find yourself overworking and undervalued. You were letting someone else drive, and then... You feel hopeless, worthless, with a confidence level of three, or powerless. Consider your lack of self-esteem and self-worth.

What if you're mentally imbalanced and can't make a decision based on the words or actions of another? So, confusion is a poorly constructed bad built and friend's playground. When we lose touch with our true north and fail to discipline our databases, it can lead to conflict in all areas of our lives. Take note of how most things begin in the mind and spread from there. There is no such thing as a bad decision. When you make a decision you should be fully aware of the consequences. Right? Okay. You are aware of this? You are.

How you sit.

The 5 of wands and the energy centers cause just as much conflict, confusion, and ego driven behaviors than all the others. When we are out of alignment we allow ourselves to be drawn into situations that appear to be a shit storm. The 5 of wands can be viewed as the root, sacral, solar, earth star, and heart chakras being out of wack.

Think about it most fights (physical or spiritual) begin with distortion. Distortion of what is right what is wrong and is it subjective. Stick to. the facts and you won't live a life of lack. That's what they said.

I say all of this to say, it is time to do a self audit. Are you self driven or being driven? Who's driving. In all sectors of your life really sit down and discover your the true motivating force behind all you do. Because as they say, how you do anything is how you do everything. It all connects.

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