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Keeping the Heart Free of Debris

As Lighthouses/Lightworkers it is often stated we should keep thee heart space clear and free of harmful debris. What is considered harmful to the heart space? Well here is a short list to kick this off right!









A brief list. Yes! Now then, when it come

s to connecting to others in this interesting earth place we live in. We have to cleanse and clear ourselves regularly. An open and spinning heart chakra in it's natural space allows for us to live in an ugly world beautifully. Beauty is indeed an inside job and don't you ever forget it. A healthy functioning heart has it;s way of healing others and ourselves. Isn't that what we came here to do? Of course you agree. SO! It is vital that we work on our interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships daily as beings of light. In this way we are mindful of keeping the heart space free of debris. The relationship you have with yourself and The Most High is of the greatest importance because if we dysfunction in those two relationships all others will certainly fail. Mmmmkay.

A few tips.

  1. Balance in relationships is a standard.

Find where you fall short in reciprocation and create actionable steps to have balance resored in your life.

  1. Create boundaries to protect your peace and your energetic body. The more that you pick yo debris from others it will become confusing to knoow what to remove and where it came from. Stay in tune with who you are regularly. Do not become so bombarded by others that you lose yourself. That's a no-n

o. Hello!

  1. Be of service and remember you are not a servant! All too often we have set boundaries in our lives to keep the drain from occurring at the wrong time. The drain that comes from over giving, over analyzing, over the top! Stop.

  2. Take your spiritual breaks regularly and jot down your thoughts and feelings about your life and current happenings. It is important to release the 'I know exactly what is going on" do you really? I encourage you to relax and allow your higher self to work through you in a way that will allow for you to have a bit more clarity. It will either be deeper than you percieve or nowhere near what your first thought was.

  3. Remain in l ove and protect your child like innocence with all. your might. Your inner child is your key to fulfillment, security, stability, and freedom. The spirit wants to live freely without all of the heaviness of this earth place. When the chid like innocence which is the pure essence of who you are is taken care of, you will not give a fuck about some things that the adult you have become. cares so much about.

Okay, that was a short to-do for you.

If you feel isolated I suggest you not expect to meet another. you. With that said go out into the world and do things amongst strangers that allow you to smile, dance, sing, and appreciate the things in life that can't be bought. Unless you're whoring. I don't know your life. We need human connection to thrive. It is okay to go full on loner or hermit but get out and have some good hearty fun every now and then. Don't forget to cleanse when you get home.

What we don't do.


low self esteem

the emotionally unavailable



abuse (ie emotionally, physically, spiritually, et




control freaks

the overly needy



All of the don't do's are a way of living a healthier LuxEmpathlife as we flow and glow through this life.

Alright, that was my Ted Talk.



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