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Mediumship-101 Masterclass

Well, this is strange. Instead of sending out a mass email I decided to blog about 1 of the upcoming classes. We are having our very first Mediumship Masterclass and it's FREE.99!

learn to use your psychic abilities and safeguard yourself and others

Join Our Virtual Event and Enhance Your Mediumship Skills

Are you ready to take your mediumship abilities to the next level? The A.S.E. Academy invites you to our 3-day FREE-99 virtual event focused on tapping into the Alaya Consciousness to elevate your mediumship abilities. Whether you have experience or are just starting your journey, this class is designed to help you explore your gifts safely and effectively.

Who should attend?

If you tap into your intuition and use your gifts to help others, this class is perfect for you. Got claires or what? Join us and learn how to open and close connections, and how to receive clearer impressions. Do you trust what you get or do you lack confidence? Maybe you're over confident and need to learn a few does and do not's when reading.

Setting Boundaries for Overwhelm

Do you often feel overwhelmed with information when dealing with clients or even people you meet daily? You know some spirits don't know their place. We have to gently let them know that's a no, sir/ma'am. Our masterclass will delve into the basic principles and practices of mediumship, teaching you how to set better boundaries and manage information overload.

Practices and ethic

Gain valuable insights into the practices and ethics of mediumship. Learn how to connect with the spiritual realm ethically and develop a strong foundation for your mediumship skills. Master your gift and connection to your guides.

Tips and tricks

Discover tips and tricks to expand your mediumship abilities. I will share my knowledge and techniques to help you enhance your connection with the spiritual world. Unless you want to act like it doesn't exist? Well, life is 80% spiritual and 20% wtf. I'm joking because I know you know!

Safe Exploration of mediumship abilities

Explore your mediumship abilities safely and confidently. We provide a supportive and nurturing environment where you can develop your gifts without fear or hesitation in a virtual environment.

Register today for the mediumship masterclass

Don't miss this opportunity to tap in and expand your consciousness and elevate your mediumship abilities. Join us for our 3-day virtual event and take the next step on your spiritual journey. Spaces are limited, so register now to secure your spot.

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