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Peer Pressure of the Head

Are your thoughts your own? Are you governed by your own mind and thoughts or those of others? Do you often change direction based on the opinions and projections of others? Do you use your critical thinking, merge view points, or research often?

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The only peer pressure should be you against the old you!
Big Pressure

In these times there is an outward drive to arrive at a self imposed finish line. When a person creates their end goal based on outward influence things become distorted. I'm sure over the years you have seen social media influencers take their lives due to peer pressure.

Back in the day it was revealed that magazines were using Photoshop to create unrealistic facial features and body structures. It was then when the problem to come was evident. There were young men and women who began to imitate these picture perfect images. We had models, singers, and actors outed for eating disorders and drug habits. It was wild!

Then came plastic surgery and designer drugs. Oh boy! Things got wild. I mean look at the world today. These things were foreseen and still got out of hand. How is this so? How is the information in your face and disregarded? Peer pressure.

Nothing wrong with a nip and tuck however check they why?

In life we receive warnings before destruction. When pods of people fail to see the bigger picture and move accordingly terror strikes. It is kind of like the crack pandemic. It started in the military moved to urban communities and spread like wildfire to the upper class and by the time it was to be'tackled' it was too late.

Like the crack pandemic and other scamdemics such as our current state of peer pressure which it all boils down to, we are constantly under attack. We become so caught up in our own lives and stresses we forget the ultimate goal. Why we are here. Our time should be used to create and add beauty to the world in a selfless way. Yes, you can get paid but is your heart in it?

Here me out. People like Jessica {see previous post} are like a virus that spreads amongst us. People who have false standards and pressure others to live up to those scamards. If more people stand up for themselves and stop falling prey to the negative self images portrayed by media things would be better. Not only for society but individuals under God overall.

The House of Oshun A.S.E. Tools for Intuitives where we believe that if everyone does their own work it is easier for us to work together.

How do we start where we are? Be the example you want to see. Often we come face to face with the truth and turn a blind eye because it is easier to go along with the big plan than go against it. We are under the impression that going against the grain will be too difficult. The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. The second step is creating actionable steps to repair fragmented mentalities. The fragmenting is a part of the programming that began years before you were born.

Although, everyone has a life path and mission to complete. Many give up on their paths and take a seemingly easier route. Following the path of another or waiting for another human to give you instructions about your direction is how it all comes tumbling down.

Music playlist
Check your ears!

The information warfare is real. The war on the head is real. The war on the senses is real. The battle amongst the people is real. Think about it. Have you read an article about some huge topic in the U.S. and try having a conversation about it with a social media follower? You know those people who take a meme and discuss national news based on the headline only. Those who do not research the topic or refer to reliable sources. This will tell you all you need to know.

Back in the day you couldn't come telling an elder what someone said and think they would not investigate and find the truth. They would never just take someones word for something because they understood the key. The key is to look further into things and come to your own conclusion.

Peer pressure of the head causes so many to have meaningless conversations and take steps that go nowhere at all. People love to discuss. They love to hear about. They enjoy being in the mix just enough to have something to say or mimic. Insane.

We live in a follow the false leader instead of following THE Leader. The one you were born with. The leader you were meant to follow. Your Star Player. Due to the undiagnosed peer pressure of the head many go untreated. Treat yourself! Start today. Your lifes journey is yours. You were not meant to follow another. You are designed to create a life which is in agreement with your higher calling. This is not over The Most High God. God is always first. Don't play on God like that.

I can count on my hands, toes and yours how many professionals i've met who are filled with regret. They regret they went against their higher pull of gravity to live the life someone else provided them. In many industries you will find robots. Are you a robot? Don't be like Jessica be yourself and confidently so.

When you purchase things ask yourself, is this what I want? Does this come from a state of passing emotions or is this my taste? Look around your home and check the environments you go to. Everything is an extension of your mind or someone elses. Take a closer look. Thank you.

You either know who you are or others will tell you who you are. How dreadful. Make a difference today not tomorrow. Check yourself about where you have become a follower and not a leader. Find the ruin in your stockings early to keep from fucking around and finding out how big your ass really looks in white. lol Run a microscope over your circumstances and find where you have slipped into the bullshit. Wipe your shoes and make plans to buy new ones.

I am Lulu Eye Love and that is my rant for the day.

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Aug 15, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Lulu, this is so on point. I've been struggling with this higher calling myself as I decide what to do next. Thank you for this insight!!

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