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Run a Little Game on Yourself

How do we know what works and what doesn't? Book a reading with me today or trial and error, right. Okay then. Today I want you to try something new to run a little game on yourself. It is one thing to have so much to do and so many things trying to tell you what to do. Why not add something to your A.S.E. Toolbox that you can use?

Hmmmm, what can be added today you ask? Well let's use the Mercury Hexogrogade and Vigro Season to narrow our scope. Mindful listening will be the tool. During the retrograde they say lots of miscommunications can transpire (ie verbal, technology, written, etc.)

Although it seems we live in a time where miscommunication has caused so much disparity in our everyday lives it can be overcome. By slowing down, taking slow deep breaths whilst another is speaking or as we type/write, reiterating mentally or out loud what the person is stating. Repeat back to them what they have said to ensure you are hearing and processing properly. Ask questions to gain a better understanding of what is being said prior to responding.

They say when we assume we make an ass out of ourselves and the person the assumption is targeting. In the words of my Dad, "when you assume, you make an ass out of me and you." Tsk, tsk.

Now then how you can change the way you listen in this hurried society by running a little game on yourself. The game you will play is to stop thinking you have every thing figured out, every person you have known thousands of years may have more to offer if you can peel back the layers of what you are use to about the person. Take our children for instance. Do you really know them? I'll let you sit with that. Meeting new people helps us broaden our conversational skills and the thought library and mental patterns needed for growth.

Here are some tips and tricks for the upcoming season of wtf.

1. If you assume someone is boring or lacks substance try giving people time to reveal things. It can take more than one conversation to get to the core of the connection of you and another. Especially if they are not someone you have preconceived opinions about or they appear to be something other than you have allowed them to show you.

Be mindful of what your expectations are of others. For instance the doctor I discussed in the live yesterday. I kind of expected her to be a professional and she was everything but that except for the fancy words and knowledge. Upon first interaction it appeared her bedside manner would be mediocre. It was below that. Whatever. I thought she would become more patient focused as I provided her with some details that apparently she could have viewed in my file. After telling her the information SLOWLY, her response was rapid fire and over the top. Thus, I dismissed myself. Things were going nowhere fast and furiously.

2. Do you rely so much on your intuition that you think you can finish others sentences or do you find others way of expressing themselves boring? Well then you may want to work on properly listening. At times people who fail to properly listen have a broader discomfort around people, feelings of low self worth, depression, anxiety or unhappiness in their lives.

Seek conversations with people outside of work, friend groups, and family members. This will take you out of your matrix of comfort. When we talk to people who are not 'our people' we open ourselves up to an expansive array of information. Did you know there are people who are walking talking web search engines. Shits willlllld! I've talked to people who have traveled more than a Delta Stuardist of 30 years.

3. Try framing to develop a better way of communicating when frustration, boredom, and awkward conversations arise. When we talk to mismatched energy it can be uncomfy especially for introverts/loners. Ask yourself, what do I and the other person want to accomplish with this convo? This will help you get on the same page as the person you are ready to hang up on or walk away from. Like that damn doctor. Okay, I tried she was adimant about saying what she thought made sense to the world, Craig!

With that said, avoid the angry, bully, over exaggerators, and woe is me people. Not saying you shouldn't have grace but know when is when. When people want to talk over you or only speak within the frame of their conversational goal. Run. Okay, walk I know some of you have bad feet. If someone is trying to engage you from a destructive stance. Let their ass stand there unless you want to be drained and have more to think about that furher drains your drive. Child, please.

Framing is a point of view that creates a template for conversations. The stage of which a conversation is being acted on. - P. King

Check out this article by Kate Thieda about Validation it's a great read!

Don't forget that ho Jessica at work who likes to bully and be petty is not of your concern. Do your job, avoid that ho, and stay focused on love, joy, and inner happiness. The key to successful days begin with commanding. Command your day and live out each day as if it's your last. That's my Ted Talk. I love you all and pray that you and your families are safe and stable!

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