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Sacred Space No Matter the Place

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Greetings and welcome back! I want to speak to you today about creating sacred space no matter the place. Often times life becomes hectic and overwhelming. You may have days that seem to run into one another creating a cyclic response to life.

the way of the world does not have to be your way

It's like the day to day activities become so repetitive life becomes cumbersome and trying. I'm typing this with a broken nail bare with me. Now then no matter what you day to do it is important to create time to go into sacred space amidst the madness. There is no particular time of day that you should wait to do this. It is important that we stay connected to ensure we are in alignment with or assignments.

At times we can become caught up in the last Divine Instruction given that we miss the next steps. The next alarm and hit snooze by getting too caught up in doing. Sacred space begins in the heart and branches out into our environments.

We are all seperate whole and unique. The gift that keeps on giving.
Seperate Whole and Unique

The sacred space within loves to be seen the way it is. Pure. The more we connect to the love granted and planted within us the more we live to our fullest potential. Untapped potential and ideas are released when we listen without interruption.

This is why we must connect throughout the day, every day. When I was on my 15-minute break, I used to use the business restroom as a hallowed spot as well as a beloved tree. You could have a sacred sanctuary in your house or office (if you have a closed room). I would recommend the following at work or during your hectic days.

Sacred body connection tools:

  1. Your voice vs the voice of your heart - Your heart's voice is distinct from your typical speaking voice. It is usually peaceful, pleasant, and appealing. The heart's voice speaks with conviction and does not insult or lament. The soul is revealed when one speaks from the heart. The vulnerability involved links to your inherent innocence.

  2. Your tone - You may have noticed that the tone of your sacred voice is that of an otherworldly being. Your star player is crucial in this situation. The tone of the higher self is neither as severe as that of this world, nor is it as demanding as that of deeply embedded 3d individuals. The tone is similar to that of a deep cry and release. You recognize the soothing tone of a well-balanced psyche. Your tone contributes to the level of comfort and security you seek or wish to retain. I hope this is clear.

  3. Your gaze - When you enter your sacred area, your eyes may automatically droop or lower. This is significant because being overly interested with everything around us might lead to distraction. Clutter comes from environmental stimulation. Remove yourself from it by softening your gaze. The eyes are the soul's window and the keys to receptivity.

  4. Your posture - sitting in meetings and at a desk can be restrictive to your natural energetic flow. Your posture is important allowing you to be physically open and aware of the sensations of your body. The body receives DNA coding and messages that you will need in the future. Things are released as you walk your path. That is also why it is important to walk barefoot at least once a week. When in your sacred space is your posture relaxed and inviting? It's like watching a good movie in your favorite socks and robe. You're relaxed and willing. Willing to hear and receive as the plot thickens.

Sidebar- If you find yourself going into your sacred space automatically around someone. They are a keeper. It goes deeper than feeling safe with someone. Your spirit will align with people who operate on a higher or matching frequency of your own and you will not question their motives. You will be in the presence of an elevated being. Keep them. Okay, I'm not telling you what to do but do it!

Now that you have determined the four things you are aware of when going into your sacred space. You can now take it everywhere you go! Prior to going into the space you want to be intentional with the 'why' you are going into the cleanest bathroom mind you. Upon entering your makeshift sacred space it is important to set your intentions. Speak over the space with conviction and command that your spirit team are on alert and covering from corner to corner. Command 1221 protocol is a good one or whoever your top go to's are. Command that the space is covered in white light ,not interrupted and why your are creating the space. There isn't anything huge to-do to shift the space into your own for the time being.

A sacred space can be created anywhere. The key is your temple being a sacred space all the time and what that means to you. Yeah, what does that mean to you? Write it down.

It is so important that we take time out of our schedules to seek higher wisdom and answers. This is in keeping a foot on a pivot and our head on a swivel. I was talking to someone the other day and we discussed that in one moment things could change. One decision that can cause regret, pain, hurt, or any other avoidable things at our hands. Our own undoing can cost us plenty in the long run. Many times people have stated how they wish a different choice was made because they made one decision that changed their lives forever. We hear this a lot from people who have been incarcerated or mothers even. Sounds harsh but some have become parents due to one decision and they were not prepared for the consequences.

Not all people need a response, not all things need to be done and not all places need to be visited. Move with your highest intention. Be sure that you are walking you path with class. It's the LuxEmpath way of Life!

I say all of that to say, surrender throughout the day and ask for Divine Guidance before making the wrong move. We all have to live here and are defendant upon one another to keep the flow balanced. That's it that's all.

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Dave Antaeus
Dave Antaeus
Sep 04, 2023
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Sep 04, 2023
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Sarah M. Jordan
Sarah M. Jordan
Sep 03, 2023
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Thanks Lulu ✨💜

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