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Self Care 101 - Your Social Battery

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Before I go into this rant, my bookings are open and the Shut Up and Kiss Me Oil is available for pre-order! Now then let's have a chat or so.

Here in this House we are big on operating from at least 50% of our social battery depending on a multitude of factors. This is considered Self-Care 101 when determining your social battery and what percentage will be required for socializing. We go out into the world daily and interact with other people which means other energies. There are a range of vibrations in any given environment we bless with our presence.

Your social battery and tips to audit your readiness to go out into the world and mingle
social battery

Knowing your social batteries percentage determines your interaction with others and if their affect on you and your mood or energy. You may have days you will have to be in the presence of unsavory characters and that is why I created this post.

Prior to going into certain environments check your self esteem levels because it is a huge indicator of how ready you are to socialize. If your self perception is warped you could be easily drained or triggered in a way that short circuits your social battery.

For instance, if you go out in an outfit that seemed like a good idea the day before (social battery at 110%) and when you 'put that shit on' it's wearing you instead, of you wearing it. Boom! That in itself drains 20% of your battery. You tell yourself it's too late to change your attire so you decide to OWN the outfit.

You tell yourself , 'the outfit isn't that bad.' Instead of removing any doubt from your mind , you are constantly thinking of your outfit choice. You get to the event and realize everyone has their phones out snapping and recording to their hearts contentment. Boom! You try smiling for pics and wanting to view each pic as if you are going on a magazine cover. You're unhappy with the outfit and all of the unwanted photo ops that are taking place. Boom! 15% of your social battery is drained.

Social Battery drainer
Vanessa messy ass!

Here comes Vanessa whom you tried avoiding the entire time you have been in the building. She glides over and floats into your breathing space. She is prepared to find a weakness and attack it because that is what company fav' Vanessa does. She is a covert mean girl and no one knows it but you! She stands on the side of you calling others over creating her usual minion huddle. YOU'RE surrounded. What the fuck do you do?

Well, she see's that you are uncomfortable and noticed the way you were approving your pictures. She goes in for the kill now that she has her egoic glam-squad surrounding you. " Wow, you look amazing. Doesn't she look fantastic, guys?" You want to say ,thank you. Instead you nod and smile because you know she is up up to something. You try walking away from this group of heathens. Before you can escape she says, you know spanks are really affordable and a nude pump would really make your blouse pop! Just a tip.

Editor comeback: Bitch, do I look like a waitress. No need for tips, trick! You can't say that but it is good to keep a trump up your sleeve. lol

the options ad repercussions of the choice you make ode to the puzzle of life
Let's play a game called If I...

Well, well, well, either your battery will skyrocket to 200% and you go off on the bitch OR it drains you 30% due to 1. wanting to strangle the fuck out of her or 2. because you can't strangle her or discuss the elephant in the room (ie Her new nose and new hairline.) Whew. So, you retreat.

You gave so much of your energy to thinking about the problem 20%, over-analyzing pics or evading them all together 15%, and Vanessa and friends 30%. Now you are at 45% and don't know if you should stay for the main event or head out. Can you function at 45%? What methods do you have as go-to's for recharging and setting boundaries?

These are questions that need answers for sure. Let's break it down the LuxEmpath way.

The Audit

Self Esteem - Your personal self perception is important when socializing. Are. you a Debbie Downer? Well, Debbie is the one who enters the chats with so much heavy debased conversation that she has you question your confidence. Debbie never compliments others because she has low self esteem, thus she never compliments herself. How people treat themselves will reflect in how they treat and love others. Ya' heard! I wonder if Vanessa and Debbie are twin souls?

Are you easily triggered by the smallest things or bad energy? A healthy self esteem allows the confidence to see the problem, create a solution, and act on the solution like a boss! The Shut Up and Kiss Me Oil which is available for pre-order is an enhancer and can be used in you A.S.E. Tool Box as a secret weapon!

Diet - our diet determines our overall battery charging capacity. Food and drinks have a huge effect on our ability to process thoughts, move our body, and raise our frequency with gentleness, ease, and grace! Each chakra governs a region in our body and the chakras assist us with being effective as true and authentic beings. You are what you eat. That's what they say.

EX: If you eat too much cow you will moo! You will feel heavy, bogged down, tired, and non-sociable. Well, unless you popped a perc! lmaoooooo okay. Whatever.

Stress level - How do you relieve stress and how often? Exercise, meditation, diet, mental breaks, etc are all stress relievers. What do you do weekly if not daily to do a self care check in? Your stress levels not only cause anxiety, depression, and a fogged brain but also health issues.

If you are already stressed out prior to socializing. you will be drained extremely fast. If you can pick up vibes in a place easily or pick up others energy. Stress will cause you to short circuit when in the presence of people who have intense energy!

Mindset - Keeping a winners mindset more often than not is important. You can have a can do attitude without having to do everything for everyone. How do you approach huge tasks at home and work? How often do you listen to motivational audio or your affirmations? Do you meditate early in the day to set the mood for the day? Checking in during the a.m. is important because no two days are the same.

Hang with winners you will be inspired. Hang with losers you will become uninspired. Your mindset about even the smallest of things can cause you to drain in any environment. Optimism is key here people! If you are optimistic and filled with joy, you're on the right track. Not to say you won't have those other days. When it comes to your social battery you may need to do a mental health check in. I'm not a doctor but the shit works for me.

Breathing - Shallow breathing is not your friend. You can do a 5 minute deep breathing exercise prior to meditation and throughout the day. When the brain doesn't receive proper oxygen we have headaches, brain fog, poor digestion, and can become irritated and less productive overall.

If you are going out into the world and your ass is already breathing like a fish out of water. You will be so easily triggered your head will spin. Blood pressure skyrockets and all that shit. Check in, tap in, and do. it again and again!

Figure you out and the world will make so much more sense to you! If you have post ideas drop them in the comments. The Shut Up and Kiss Me Oil is available for pre-order!

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