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The Alignment is happening. Are you prepared? Prayer connecting to God.

This is not one of those posts. Mkaaay. There have been so many astrological events happening I can't keep up. As you know I am not an astrologer but play one on Youtube. Thank you. A huge shift has been happening and even if you are like me, can't keep up with astrology i'm sure you feel it. Theres been lots of cleansing and clearing these days and it is much needed.

I did watch a video about something happening with Jupiter in Taurus. And I must confess I don't remember what I heard. What needed to be absorbed was and that is my belief. Now then, back to cleansing and clearing. They told me to go on a fast. Of course, I put it off for a few days because the next steps were, 'change your diet". Gidammit! No more taco's? Is that what you are saying? Sheesh. Okay, deal. So not only in the past week did clearing and cleansing come up (Thank you C'noke as well for letting them use you earlier this week) but preparation also is a huge theme.

In this video he discussed some things about a portal that was open the other day. I shared it with some of my close friends on Instagram immediately after it popped up on my screen. I did it hurriedly. Forgive me to those I pester you in your inboxes. Hello. Now then, with all of these aligned pop-ups and influxes of information pouring in. I figured it would be a good day to share some insight.

align with the planets and star systems, pray, connect, protect, direct
the. universe is acting up again


Connect, Protect, and Direct... Hello!

We discussed this on Instagram in one of our A Lil Java to-do's and it is safe to share it here. We must stay connected regularly as with the aforementioned. Whether we are keeping up with what is going on in the cosmos or not. When you connect daily, the information will automatically be at the forefront of your awareness. Unbeknownst to you this is how great people persevere. You see, razor focus doesn't always mean you are not in-tune and moving from an egoic space. No, no, no! Razor focus has to do with you connecting on purpose with purpose daily. Moment-by-moment, step-by-step! Yesssss. You can't go wrong or as wrong as you could possibly go if you are allowing the heavy world get in the way. Most things we need to do is on display when we connect. Prayer connects you to God and beings of light who are here to assist.

Now then, protection is important when wanting to stay in alignment with our assignment daily. Will every day be the same? No. Will everyday have you feeling like a ball of joy? No. Will you even want to show up and do you best daily? No. However, when we ask/command protection daily via our ultimate connection we realize that we are in a safe space. Ask that your journey is protected, your home, children, etc are covered. Declare and decree for those who do not have enough strength to speak or leave situations that are holding them back from their truth. Okay, i'll stop there. Whew. SO. Protection is very important. PROTECT YOUR INNOCENCE. PROTECT THE INNOCENT. PROTECT YOUR LIGHT!

Direction! When having a sit down with The Most High never forget to ask that your steps are guided and you are open to all of the new possibilities that are presented to you and that you are in sound mind to take action on those possibilities when presented. The serenity prayer throughout the day also helps to keep you from being distracted or retracting from your square.

May all of your territory expand and you are readily available to experience all of what life presents to you! May the Universe pour it's vast light unto you and you be restored and the enemy be revoked and choke dthe fuck out. A weapon may form but it shall not prosper. Prosperity is not for the wicked and if you see the wicked prospering it is not via The Most High. Ask yourself, is that really what I deem prosperity? Often times, the enemy places great responsibility on it's best herders. And the price they have to pay in their soul IS NOT the same as the price you will pay in yours. mhmmmmm . You got this. Thank you.

Yes they are! I opened my schedule for the coming week. Please be sure to use an email you check regularly.


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