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The I-ching The Nourishment

Greetings, Dah'ling!

Welcome back to The House. Today I decided to pull a card for this particular blog post. The card is #27 in the I Ching Oracle The Nourishment. This card can be viewed interpersonally or intrapersonally. They are one in the same if you ask me. Nobody asked so there is that. To read a full explanation of the card you can go here.

Review your relationships and what feeds them collectively, what feeds (ie diet, belief system, mentally, etc.) each individual in your circle, and what is the synergy of the circle? When you take a closer look at the people you are connecting to; how and why you are connected. You will notice things about yourself. Do these people have traits you embody and wish to change or strengthen? What goals do you have separately and as a group? Are you surrounding yourself with people that vibrate on your frequency and higher OR do you have energy drains that need to be released. Really sit down and have the conversation with your friends and family. They may not understand everything you are saying or revealing. At the least they will ask questions.

When we are connecting with people outside of our circle things can get interesting. Especially if we do not interact with people daily in our work. We learn the vast majority of people do not operate or function the same as the people we are use to dealing with. We come across people who are either functioning from a high vibration or low vibration. It is up to us to if we will entertain certain people and for how long. You must make up your mind about this and stick to your disciplines.

We live in some strange times and they are becoming stranger by the day. What matters is that we do not become strangers to ourselves and our paths. We are offered a few glimpses into the future when we fail to disconnect from harmful vibrations. For instance, if you were to interact with Jessica (the office snob) and become the person who wants to sit at her table. Kind of like sitting with the mean girls at lunch. Why would you want to do that? Serious question.

So lets assume you choose to connect with her and find out why she doesn't like you or gives you a hard time. Do you really think she will tell you? HA! However you continue to pursue understanding and the need to be accepted and validated by her. You become someone she confides in yet she never hears you out or acknowledges that conversations are a two way thing.

Now in company meetings she is bringing up things about you in a subliminal way based on the tidbits she caught when you would try to express yourself. Express yourself when she would ask, how are you doing these days? You: Oh, i'm excited about my date tonight with Harold! That is all you got out of your mouth and she proceeds to discuss her life and how it trumps your great news. You got a tidbit in and she throws a Godzilla blow in the meeting.


Jessica: How old is too old to keep dating? I think it's interesting that people don't know when to hang it up.

Me: You trifling, Bitch!

In interpersonal conflicts you should be aware of what you give others and what others offer you. Is it encouragement, stimulation, and offers or is it accusations, expectations, and recrimination? - I Ching, #27 The Nourishment

You will either allow a slow drag or a quick and even more painful drag to stuckville. A slow drag can be viewed as that of an alligator pulling you into the water 300 ft from the shore. Those short legs and big head will not be able to drag you quickly. So the slow drag is accompanied by bruises and your head bouncing up and down hitting the ground. Once the gator makes it back the water with you in tow now you have to suffer the drowning. It takes 4 minutes without oxygen to finally be free from the conscious revelation that this is it!

A quick drag would be similar to investing all your savings into stock recommended by one of those shady advisors. Three days later BOOM! Your shit is gone. Stock dropped like a baby during the final 2 months. That is enough to feel on a 3d level. Nothing like a baby dropping and you can't hold your pee or breathe how you use to. Your life changes with the shift of the gift lowering into your pelvic region. Those last 2 months are the most uncomfortable aren't they? You forget how good it was to sleep on your back or sit up straight without a pillow. Mhhhmmmmm remember that the next time you are around Jessica.

So why surround yourself with people who do not reciprocate in the ways you need not want. How can you remain at an elevated state if people are constantly undermining you or speak how they eat! In this I ching card it does state, A person who feeds body or spirit with debased material can only offer you the same. With that said I don't think that is fully true as there are plenty of healthy eaters who can be extremely fucked up people. Sometimes the physical is more of a priority than anything else. Be careful. That also goes with being into spiritual practices and not paying enough attention to the practical and mental aspect of the person.

Balanced eaters spiritually and physically make a world of a difference. Hey, Nicole!

With that said, with all of these retrogrades going on and shifts that have people jumping ship. Have you noticed a spike in sea-sick people lately? The shit is wild.

Stay safe out here and de-clutter the external parts of you that may be causing issues with your mental, spiritual, and practical existence. The internal work I'm sure you are doing regularly.

Don't forget to use your morning rituals to command your day with adding and affirming they types of interactions you will have for the day. Shit, players slip too. I've had my days of 10 most haunting interactions known to man.

The more people we have in pods with higher energetic connections the better. My work ain't done until I see it all over the world, Sun.

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Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
Sep 08, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

And I'm learning how this letting go process requires no negative emotion on my part, and in fact it's easy to let those people go with compassion when I keep in mind that I WAS ONCE THAT NEGATIVE PERSON :-) THANK YOU LULU


Sarah M. Jordan
Sarah M. Jordan
Sep 07, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Hot damn this is helpful, Lulu. And just what I needed to hear. The road my house is on is named after something from the I ching...I won't share it here in case Jessica is reading.

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