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The Power of Yes

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

"I will whisper secrets in your ears, just nod yes and be silent.

A soul moon appeared in the path of my heart. How precious is this journey."-Rumi

Hello Housemates!

Let's meditate on the power of yes.

Yes. It's a simple three letter word that doesn't have to be spoken. A slight nod of the head is all it takes to answer a question, or to confirm a thought or an idea.

The power of yes, and no resides in a very special place within our body. Located in the neck, these two little joints called the atlanto-occipital and atlanto-axial joints, are often referred to as the "Yes," and "No" joints.

They are nothing like the joints surrounding them. Before we can communicate verbally, they give us the power to convey an understanding of what is going on around us. They give us the ability to communicate our wants, desires, and needs. Yes. I want a snack. No. I do not want you to lick your finger, and wipe my face!



Two complete mothafuckin' sentences! Sometimes, we shout them. Sometimes we laugh, cry, or speak them in a tone that is barely audible to the people around us.

Yes, and no. There is power in those words. They have their own vibration and color. They are felt in different parts of our bodies even though they are housed in the throat chakra.



Two very simple words that can communicate the most complexed ideas. They are words that have the ability to create or destroy relationships. They can launch new businesses, or shut them down. They affirm our self-awareness and empower us on a cellular level.

What are you saying yes to?

What are you saying no to?

I hope you're saying yes to yourself. Fuck that! You better be saying yes to yourself! I know. It's not easy. Sometimes, you don't know what you're saying yes to. I know there have been times when you said yes, and people have taken your yes not knowing how much pain you had to overcome just to speak the word.

Say yes to yourself.

Say yes to yourself from the moment you open your eyes

until you close them to fall asleep.

Say yes to yourself in your dreams.

Say yes to yourself while you bathe and brush your teeth.

Say yes to yourself while you're on the toilet taking a shit.

Say to yourself.

Say yes to yourself every day of your life.

Say yes to yourself even when you feel like you don't have another tear to shed,

or enough energy to fight.

Say fucking yes to yourself.

What you say yes to you are surely saying no to.

Say yes to yourself, and make sure that your actions and deeds are in alignment with it.

Say yes to yourself like it's the only fucking prayer you know.

Your yes doesn't have to be loud.

It doesn't have to be shared with the world.

Sometimes, yes is the action we take without speaking words.

Oh! I have not forgotten about "No."

Say no to patterns and behaviors that no longer serve you.

Say no to finding reasons to say no, when you clearly should be saying yes.

Say yes to yourself.

We're waiting for you.

Say yes to yourself.

No one can do what you came here to do.

"This Love has whispered secrets in your ear

that don't make sense to anyone else.

You know who you are.

You are the Shining Star." -Rumi

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