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The Responsibility of a Coward

Greetings and welcome to the blog! Today we will discuss the responsibility of a coward. You can't expect much from a coward because they are built to fail themselves. We here in this house do not touch and agree with such foolishness.

the coward wears a mask

As we stand in our truth and ever so gently on our square with our foot on a pivot we learn. We learn the importance of saying what we mean and meaning what we say. A coward will not only coil when faced with opposition but tilt from IT's square. You see the stance of a coward is flimsy and extremely flexible and they move in a circular motion when confronted (ie hoola hoop.)

They do not admit their wrong doings or come to terms with their unjust ways. A coward is proud, arrogant, boastful, and stiff in their approach and gloat. You will know a coward when you see one as they are easy to spot.

Often times cowards can be very confrontational and exploitive on the behalf of others to give themselves a boost. Yes, we all have to face some form of cowardice in our spiritual journey. This is understood. However, a true coward will never admit their wrong doing and fight tooth and nail to remain in their safe haven of illusion.

These types of people never reach their full potential in their God given purpose. The seed that was planted in them at conception. A coward will try and ruin everything and everyone around them to make their illusion a reality.

the illusion of a coward narcissist

An illusion is never a reality it is experienced within a persons reality. The ego can create anything it wants and follow through with an illusion with little to no intrusion. Especially, if a person is surrounded by ego-feeders, you know maniac breeders.

This is why we check in with The Most High, our team, our higher self to correct what we may later regret. Allowing yourself to be ruled by fear and pride can be your downfall.

Blinders are for horses and cowards.

A coward doesn't know they're a true full blooded coward until they are in the company of a full blooded lighthouse. A lighthouse who operates in their highest frequency and stands on it! I was watching an interesting movie over the weekend 'Prophet Suddenly' which is happening in the Spiritual Marketplace.

It's the story of a pastor who wanted to be a big time leader of a church with all the fancy things and all that money brings. The neverending story. The pastor in the movie picked up a prostitute who happened to be a 'familiar spirit' and not a woman at all.

tangled web of a narcissist

The woman became the spirit in which he used to prophecy and gain all of the things his heart desired. He became even more of a coward when he demanded he be bigger and more powerful. She said it was done as soon as tomorrow.

He woke up to his son being deceased and a bus with church members crashing and un-aliving all on board. Prior to his demands he consulted with a true man of God and asked him to be his spiritual father. The man of God told him what he would need to do and picked up the presence of his 'pet' and banished it from the area.

When it was all said and done the man ended up failing to get up again. I will leave it there and let you watch the movie and gather your own data. The man was a coward because he did not want to stay faithful to his journey and process. He wanted to beat the clock and bypass the most important aspect of the journey.

We must travel according to God's plan, our personal design, spiritual gps, and take Divinely guided steps. When people don't want to do the work they become the work to be done. It's that simple. We can't skip steps or covet what others have.

Which reminds me of a pastor who wanted his wife to become pregnant so bad he went to have 'work' done so that she may be impregnated. Little does he know the child would be born with abnormalities and an attachment unbeknownst to anyone.

I've seen many ultrasound photos (one of my favorite things to read) and you can see what is to come in them.

You see when you try and force the hand of God by playing God you will learn one way or another. A coward dies a million deaths but a Spiritual Warrior dies but one.

warning coward ahead

A Slippery Slope| Signs of a coward:

  1. A coward is a person who stands for whats convenient rather than convictions.

  2. A coward will make excuses to not stand up or show up when needed.

  3. They always have a reason and seldom have proactive action.

  4. A coward avoids taking bold, decisive action because it makes them uncomfortable.

  5. A coward will come up missing. When the going gets tough, the tough…dis-a-mother-fucking-ppear.

  6. A coward loves saying 'this isn't the right time' when they are called out on their bullshit.

  7. A coward has a superiority complex and will cut people off to avoid a discussion

  8. So on and so forth, we see this a lot with leaders or with people of assumed authority

Remember, a coward doesn't want to do it but will try and get you to sacrifice your livelihood for their gain.

No your place, play your position, and keep living. Whatever you do don't put the buggy before the horse. It's not worth it in the long run. Take your time and be gentle with yourself. What is for you is yours.

That's my Ted Talk on this good Monday. Talk to you all soon enough.



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Yessss ma'am thank you for this


20 de fev.

Thank you for keeping it 100 ! I wouldn't expect anything less.


Master Sunray
Master Sunray
14 de fev.
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All that I can after this is WOW!!! I was about to do some reading before I got back to my writing and was guided to see what you put down. And, I will say you came thru at the right time yet again. I am dealing with alot of cowardice right now. Yet you reminded me that I am on the right path. I want to thank you for finding your way into my life. You have been someone that has been consistent on bringing the message. Even if it comes out rough, it comes truly without a bit or coward in it.

Thank you and I have so much love for you and the work that you do.


13 de fev.
Avaliado com 5 de 5 estrelas.

Informative, thank you

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