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Who The Fuck Did I Marry: The Lesson

Hey y'all! I listened to the WTF Did I Marry by Reese a tik toker who spilled her own love gone wrong story. The story is quite lengthy so I had to listen in parts while handling my daily affairs. The story she 'lived' was truly the story of many women and men of the world.

WTF did I marry? tik-tok

That is not her picture but a visual reprensation of the ancestors who would never. That's how they scream at us as we are out here doing shit for shits sake.

The Gist: Girl meets guy and quarantine together with weeks of knowing one another. Guy tells girl what he will do and puts on a show to back up what he will do. Everything promised or fantasized crumbles. They get married and the shenanigans get wilder. Rinse and repeat all the way until the end.

When she said, "I thought it was my time." She was under the influence of her imagination in a very unhealthy way. I've been there and i'm sure some of you reading this have to. This is where we give grace. Now then although she thought it was her time it is obvious she didn't have firm standards, values, morals, or even tapped in to her Star-player.


Binding yourself mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to a person can be extremely detrimental. She made it out of her situation and we've seen the stories of those who did not.

If you are reading this then today is a great day to take control of your life. Audit your dealings.

She stated he is a pathological liar, maybe just possessed at this point. He lied about his living daughter being dead. There is no soul in there it is only a caricature within itself. . At any rate it is important to remember if you don't know what you want you will fall for and accept anything.

Guard your feelings, inner child, body, and secret desires like your life depends on it. Don't be easily influenced by others or your own mind. Govern yourself according to your assignment as everything will add up. Everything will make sense when you are on your path good, bad, or indifferent.

Dealing with the wrong people can slow up your growth process or have you forget you came here to do something great in the world. Manipulators have played a part in destroying the destiny of many. Think about it.

Just because you lack experience doesn't mean you should not seek wise counsel. Women and men need wise counsel for the remainder of their days. We are never too intelligent, well traveled, or enlightened to receive wise reinforcement.

I honestly believe that everyone reading this post will not fear rejection or have their head so far in the clouds they can't see their feet. Once you have sex with someone you have become a part of one another. Rejection is protection don't allow your temporary feelings and thoughts to overtake you because wtf are you doing?

In this i've learned if not aware you will become what you despise. CLEAN THAT SHIT OUT! I guess it is time for you to steam or smoke that yoni! For the men it's time to lingam steam!

If you watched some of the series share your thoughts below. Any typos or sentence fragments are brought to you by 'Forrest Gumps box of chocolates."

It's a full moon let's gooooo!

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