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Writing in Your 90-Day Journey to Mindfulness Journal

The benefits of using the 90-Day Journey to Mindfulness Journal is to reduce stress, improve mental function, and learn mindfulness. Reflective journaling helps improve your mental ability and intelligence quotient. Mindfulness meditation is now recognized as one of the most effective means to rewire the brain.

People who do not meditate or attend meditation classes frequently can benefit from using a Mindfulness Journal. These people will be able to record in detail their daily activities, thoughts and feelings for daily clarity and future reference. This will help them learn to be more mindful and develop the habits that allows one to become an expert observer of themselves. Writing is helpful in learning how to monitor energy, thoughts, and behavior. Because people who engage in mindful meditation are fully conscious of what is happening around them, they are able to quickly adjust attitudes and thoughts. This helps them deal with stressful situations that they may otherwise find overwhelming.

A Mindfulness Journal can be used by people who prefer meditation or are new to the practice. Recording daily activity from a few minutes to an hour, can help with the formation of a clear memory of different ways of thinking and feeling throughout the day, as well as provide insight into a person's ability to control stressful situations.

There are many types of Mindfulness Journals available on today's market. Many stores offer a selection of these journals, which come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. Because the 90-Day Journey to Mindfulness is specifically designed to help Emerging to Advanced Intuitives audit their daily lives, it is important to keep a few guidelines in mind when writing in this journal.

Although there is no set length of time that should be used for writing in your 90-Day Journey to Mindfulness Journal, most who have purchased it suggest starting out with at least 10 minute meditation to introduce yourself and get a feel for the journal. After this period has passed, continue with meditation as often as you are able. If you write in your journal regularly, your progress will become easier to track and you will have an idea if you should increase your meditation time. In order to get the most out of your daily meditation sessions, write as frequently as possible without having to stop what you're doing to take a break.

The 90-Day Journey to Mindfulness Journal is designed to help you cultivate a sense of clarity, and as such, is not a "one-size-fits-all" tool. As with any type of writing, it is important to consider your mindset and preferences. Different people have presented different perspectives on the use of The90-Day Journal.

Want to go higher in your ascension and spiritual expansion? Check out The House of Oshun YouTube Channel and the Mindfulness Journal. Both resources are phenomenal ways to develop and grow your mindfulness. Check out the meditation music below as you journal.

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