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Divine Timing: A trip to the Library

a trip to the library and divine timing make perfecr sense. The akashic records

Have you ever went against your better judgement? If so, you are not alone. It happens often when we are pressed or interacting with the world in a chaotic way. It is always important to take your spiritual breaks to reset intentionally, weekly!

I had to let go and let The Most High grab the reigns. Several months ago when the hacking of my device was getting out of hand. I took a trip to the library to request a mobile hotspot until I could figure out my next move. As a person raised on the old adage "where there is a will there is a way" I had to take a step back and here is how it happened.

When people over do or overthink their job and take it too far
Sir! Give me the damn card

I arrive to the library and ask to 1) request a new card and 2) request a hotspot. Usually, this is a smooth process but not on this day. The librarian (or whatever the front desk people are called) told me that 1) he could not provide me a new card because my old address did not match my identification 2) he stated the waiting list was extensive and he would add me to it.

Cool, I thought. I guess there is a need to go to plan B (I don't trust those pills btw.. i believe they fuck people up in later years be careful out here.) I left with my head held high, sway in my walk, and an alternative plan that worked out perfectly. However, I've been a library card holder for over 30 years and did not understand why the guy was being an ass. Yes, an ass. You see when you have dealt with companies, people, or what have you for a long time you kind of know how the simple things work.

Fast forward to earlier today. I received an email stating I could pick up the hotspot that I was waitlisted for. Divine timing at it's finest! It's been months and a new need for the hotspot is prevalent. Yay! Right on time. So, I take another trip to the Library. Upon arriving the librarian (or other) was very peaceful and had a different aura. I simply told him I was there to pick up the hotspot and I did not have my card due.

His response matched his neck piece a tree of life pendant with crystals! He said, that will be fine give me your I.D. or license and I can give you another one. Woot, woot! Y'all know I love checking out books and shit. So he ticked all the boxes and I was on my way.

there are times when we make plans and god has other plans
The Planner

There are times when plan A does not work out and it is a test or measure of how you will respond or react. I could have become very distraught the first time around and become sad, confused or disruptive. God knows the old me would have wanted to speak to a higher up or another person at the counter. It just wasn't my day. Who am I to expect everything to go my way when in a 'simulated' crisis? Child please! Got me fucked up. My patience has increased over the years and my listening has become even sharper than that of an eagle and your father.

Plan A didn't work out because I had more to grow through, witness, and endure. Oh yes. Often times your life experience is where a higher degree that college can't offer derives. Of course many of the things we endure are a part of our initiations into higher realms. No matter how minute it seems to a commoner. You know that?

If it doesn't work out the first time don't give up or give in. You can either surrender and await for further instructions or tick off the boxes on your list. Things are always working out for you and it may not appear that way when you THINK or FEEL that this is the last straw. Remember, when your river runs dry it will be replenished as the sea never forgets to spill over and take care of a faithful friend. Neither does the rain forget to care for the land. Look at you n that flesh suit made of the land.

What's your most recent story regarding Divine Timing I would love to hear it! Comment below. If you want 1:1 Intuitve Development coaching book below. The more people who are actively stepping into their true potential , the better! Just think if that other librarian (or front desk person) would have been able to pick up on what was going on. Do you think he would have did things differently? I believe it was Divine Intervention at it's finest to be honest but would love to hear your thoughts.

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The sea never forgets to spill over and take care of a faithful friend. It hit me with that tear in the middle of the salon Lulu … 😂😂😂 💜💜💜💜 beautiful


Oct 26, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

These posts are always right on time. I think the library guy responded positively to your calm energy. Bravo 👌

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