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Featured Stone : Orange Calcite

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

I Am Orange Calcite -The Enhancement Stone

Hello Housemates,

I Am Orange Calcite, also known as The Enhancement Stone. I am great for clearing and removing creative blocks. Speaking of creative blocks…

The author of this post is having a “discussion” with Clear Quartz about why it is not the first Crystal to be featured in her post. In all fairness the author, bless her heart, did try it Clear Quartz’s way, but when words failed her, what did she do?

That’s right! She pulled me out (Pun intended. We’ll talk about it later.), sat me on her desk, and here we are. I work well with helping you clear, and calm your mind. When it comes to increasing your intuition and psychic abilities, I should definitely be one of your go to Crystals.

You can place me above or below your navel to clear out, and balance your solar plexus and sacral chakras. Work with me to awaken not only your creative energy, but your sexual energy as well. I swear. Seriously. When you’re done reading this do a Google search on me. Type in “Orange Calcite.” See what pops up.

Ok, let’s keep clean! Keep me close when you are healing mental, emotional, and past life trauma. I am all about forward moving energy, so connect with me when you are feeling stagnant, and need help with integrating new ideas.

I help clean and improve the functions of organs of elimination. I work well with balancing the amount of calcium in your body, and I can assist with the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Go ahead. You can say it. I Am a Powerful Healing Crystal.

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