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Why Perceiving Disabilities as Superpowers Empowers Individuals and Challenges Stereotypes

Greetings, darling! I hope you are doing well and fine on this most glorious day. It took a lot for me to drop this blog as I kept getting interference to prevent its posting. Let's get into-it!

I stopped by real quick to discuss what they said versus what it could be spiritually. If you have done your research on mental, physical, or practical matters in your spiritual studies. You may have noticed how what you face can be raced to your childhood, lineage, patterns of behavior, etc.

There are so many professionals who deny the spiritual attributes of a dis-ease or dis-order based on science or personal beliefs. This does a disservice to the collective consciousness in part because it drowns out the gifts of many and denies them access to their greater truth.

The great truth for many is living in their purpose on purpose and being a beacon of light for others who come after them. Part of the programming is to drown out your truth and place you in a box with someone else's name on it.

Your Super Power!

Your dis-ability is a superpower. Today we are discussing ADHD and I hope you look into your what you have been diagnosed with and view it from an advantageous perception.

I'll give a brief run-down of 3 superpowers commonly diagnosed as dis-ability's when they are in face super-ability's! These are the powers they possess that can be expanded upon if the person becomes balanced. Disclaimer: I do not recommend anyone discontinue their medication or take the information herein as personal advice.

  1. Bipolar - extremely empathic and resilient

  2. Schizophrenia - powerful mediumship capabilities

  3. ADHD - creative innovative genius

Let's discuss pseudo-science as they call it and reveal how another's truth can cause irreparable damage to a person's superpower. If only for today we will discuss ADHD as there is plenty of information about the subject at hand. Preferably books and well researched information as I've kept this as short and sweet as possible with linked resources.

People with ADHD experience an ongoing pattern of the following types of symptoms: Inattention–having difficulty paying attention. Hyperactivity–having too much energy or moving and talking too much. Impulsivity–acting without thinking or having difficulty with self-control. states there is no known specific cause for ADHD. This is why getting advice from a medical professional who doesn't only prescribe medication based on symptoms without a thorough review of all contributing factors. You know, how they used to do back in the day.

ADHD appears to be something a person has from birth, or that develops in early childhood. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the symptoms of ADHD can begin between ages 3–6 years.

In addition to genetics, scientists are studying other possible causes and risk factors including: Brain injury. Exposure to environmental risks (e.g., lead) during pregnancy or at a young age. Alcohol and tobacco use during pregnancy. -

ADHD via Spiritual Professionals

Highly sensitive to energy, subtle messages within/out, extremely creative, and psychic. -google the spiritual meaning for an array of information on the topic

Medical professionals often prescribe medications that enhance focus by promoting the proper function of natural brain neurotransmitters. The drugs specifically target norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. These substances have an impact on one's capacity for focus and attention.

Spiritual professionals offer retreats, hullucinogens, mindfulness practices, herbs, serums, meditation, individual daily practices, yoga, and extractions to patients amongst other things.

In the spiritual community things are diagnosed and handled on an individual basis as we understand that underlying implications may derive from a plethora of reasons. Some of those reasons could be: mental imbalances due to childhood trauma, traumatic events, malfunctioning solar and sacral chakras, attachments, witchcraft, and so much more.

Over the years I've learned it is always the simplest of things that can bring change and when talking to people with certain dis-orders they have so much going on they don't view the information provided as a means to an end.

People often expect the 'cure' or answer to be as big as the problem and that is rarely the case. There are those who may require an extraction (deliverance or removal of harmful entities) followed up with subtle changes in diet, daily practices, and mindfulness.

The Super Power

The mind of an individual with ADHD is that of a creative genius or innovative humanitarian sent to be a huge part of change in their community, government, or wherever they land and focus their intention.

They also have mystic connections and can usually read Akashic records for themselves and others when they focus and channel in that way. For the readers in The House.

They have a powerful intuition and extremely connected to the super consciousness. The issue is getting them to focus by finding what they are lacking and bring balance to that particular area.

They become experts in their own right due to the channeling of information and implementing their gifts into their work. The earlier a child finds their purpose or life mission the better.

I'm sure the nervous system of those with ADHD is the equivalent of lightening striking a tree. What do you do with all of that energy coming in like that? Boom...Boom! ! Boom! Again, my favorite movie "Powder" explains highly sensitive people in a palatable way.

Again! Before we go further I must insert my disclaimer, I am not a medical professional and this blog is for informational purposes only. We're having a chat about superpowers which definitely isn't considered a medical condition. -Lulu

Neurotransmitters targeted in the medical field due to an ADHD diagnosis are:

Norepinephrine - As a medication, norepinephrine is used to increase and maintain blood pressure in limited, short-term serious health situations. Norepinephrine is responsible for how the person reacts to stress and anxiety and is associated with the fight-or-flight response. -

"associated with fight or flight response" The root chakra has entered the chat.

From a spiritual perspective the drug will provide the patient with practical and spiritual balance between worlds. Any time your blood pressure is too high (too grounded and caught up in this world) or too low (too caught up in a past life or higher realm.) The solar plexus when functioning improperly causes stress and anxiety. As we know some shit works too good and will have you balanced to the point that you forget your calling or vision. I've read where many who are on the drugs for a lengthy duration battle depression or loss of 'doing or a sense of purpose.'

Dopamine - Many medications for treating ADHD work by increasing dopamine and stimulating focus. These medications are typically stimulants.

Another disclaimer is it was hard to find full breakdowns from reliable sources only for ADHD drugs as they have many conditions dopamine is prescribed for. In society today it makes sense there are so many causes for lack of dopamine or imbalances caused by life itself. Plus, this post was not meant to be as lengthy as it is already.

From a spiritual perspective when a person is not allowed to or has a limited connection to their spiritual experiences and information it puts a damper on their well-being. Dopamine is governed by the sacral and root chakras. A sense of motivation, reward, pleasure, joy, safety, and security. So much is connected to the different regions of the physical body that can be seen in the auric field.

Dopamine also may be released into the amygdala. However, when regulated by abnormal means it can damper the God connection for some people. The amygdala is the processor of emotions. In its natural state it makes sense of what can't be seen or articulated through practical means. When highly sensitive people are connected here they make sense of everything and can create from this space unthinkable or unimaginable things.

Their emotions become the cornerstone of their creations. The amygdala is considered The Mouth of God. This is why people who are generationally attacked or via other means of the arts, they generally become stuck, lost, confused, frequently uprooted, or have no sense of direction.

They may even begin to have a disconnect from God overall and their spiritual practices or presence.

Let me go ahead and end this rant for now with a few words of advice for those on the ADHD spectrum.

  1. Try something new. You may need to add a little spice to your life by trying something new. A different route from work, new hobby, a new recipe, or some other adventure that you can look forward to and find reward in.

  2. Make a list of small tasks and complete them. It's all in a days work. Keep your to-do list small and manageable to achieve your goals. Sometimes there can be so much to do that you choose to do something that is not connected to the big picture. It's okay here and there but should not be hindering the progress of your purpose.

  3. Listen to music you enjoy. This will help stimulate you and get your gears grinding. Music can also be good for sparking neurons in the brain that are lying dormant. Get your groove on!

  4. Exercise regularly. Of course, exercise! This will get rid of excess energy, energetic debris, and drain the lymphatic system of clogged energy or emotions.

  5. Try meditation or yoga. Try both.

Sidebar: The indie reads will be on every week! Catch us in The Foyer!

Now that my rant is over how do you handle ADHD?

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