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Uncover the Key Step People Deny When Wanting to Hone Their Gifts

The step most people deny when wanting to hone their gifts is the Why. Why do they want to tap into your gift more.

Some, however, wish to go beyond their innate lucidity and test the boundaries. Skip past the clarity they’re born withEverything has its own Divine time of happenings. Eventually, when we skip steps, we'll end up back where we started—the bits we didn't want to see/do.

Then you have newly awakened individuals who are scattered and stepped out of the Hanged Man stage of awakening too soon. Even though they've been having their gifts all of their lives but want to explore more without proper check-ins with their Star-Player. This is where you find people who receive just enough information and begin to use their gifts in a way they have yet to master or know their why.

This is also confusing because sometimes they will think they’ve received the most vital information of all, why you’re here. That is not an easy conclusion to come to jumping off the branch too soon.

This also pertains to those who choose to hop into the arts for their own personal gain, greed, control, etc.  The two are comparable due to the lack of self-development. Self-development leads to self-mastery although they are usually viewed as interchangeable.

When we follow the path as instructed we rarely have to question the why because it is revealed inch by inch step by step. No need to turn the grease on high to fry the chicken. The chicken will not be completely done and burnt to a crisp.

Your why will be connected to what has driven you since a child of 7 years. Your why is what your purpose is made of, your vision is pushed by, and how your potential is maximized each level you graduate.

When you begin with baby steps and things begin to snowball during a life cycle there you will find your keys. The keys are giving to you as you take your growth seriously. Finding your true North and connecting to it on a regular basis is most important.

When attending the Mediumship 101 Masterclass on April 4th please remember this will be a small part of your process. If you had all the answers at once you would spend too much time trying to manage the information instead of mastering it.

Stick to your path and welcome Divine Guidance. For me and this House we are a guide on the side and not a Sage on the stage.

I look forward to meeting you all and pray you continue to get out of your own way. That's my Ted Talk see you all soon on the tube!


A chat we had about some things you may find interesting on the subject.

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Mar 31
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

You are like lucky charms your magically delicious. Thank you for sharing your life experience and knowledge. It is greatly appreciate and tresasured. Love and respect to you


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This resonates with me i’m looking forward for the class next week


Hey Lulu, this message confirms a reading I had yesterday. Right on time! Thank you.💙

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