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"Unlocking the Power of Muscle Memory: A Guide to Understanding the Connection"

Greetings and hello Monday!

I stopped by real quick to have a chat with you about this spring cleaning we've been working on in The Cellar.

spring cleaning march it's time to unwind

In my most recent video the catch phrase was 'what could've been is exactly what it should've been' and it is simple as that.

Over the weekend, a few things came to light, including muscle memory and how it contributes to our tendency to get into ruts. Relationships, partnerships, families, friends, the NOUNS, etc. are all examples of this.

Muscle memory - n. the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought, acquired as a result of frequent repetition of that movement.

We must be careful not to let the connections turn into a habit by firmly establishing our life's purpose. Living a purposeful life makes it rare for you to develop bad habits or muscle memory with NOUNS that are detrimental to your vision (personal or business).

Habit - n. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

To keep yourself in the flow, express gratitude for the memories you have. You possess an inherent rhythm, and the NOUNS you meet will either hinder or help you in some way. It should be apparent that you are in charge of your choices when you begin to act out of habit.

We talk about cord cutting and the dissolution of the ego. Guess what? There are parts of the ego that feed into unhealthy habits and connections. It is there that you must develop a new strength where you identify your weakness. Self-discipline.

Our bodies are made up of muscle memory which is noticed when we reach for something, dodge a bug, or break a fall when we trip. Of course exercising and toning our bodies activates/creates muscle memory that we can see and the same goes for using highlights to manifest a new reality.

Having said that, we can also observe that emotional eating can lead to weight increase, which is another example of muscle memory. What we need help releasing is shown by the place where the weight sticks.

For instance, if you start to gain what is known as happy weight and you find yourself really comfortable with someone. Among the most entertaining and interesting weight, in my opinion. Moving forward.

The location of the weight gain explains how you are connecting to the person and can also foretell future relational issues (if any) if not checked early. Gather yourself!

Now then, another form of muscle memory triggered by emotions has to do with our desires governed by our sacral chakra. When you have a strong desire for a NOUN and have in some way corded with it. How bad do you want it? hmmmmmmmm....

Ask yourself, does it make sense? If it is rational and not based on your lower nature go for it! sometimes we have to get out of our body to really enjoy who we are and what we have to be grateful for! I'm speaking in general here.

I too have been in situations that wasted my time, effort, and energy. When you run audit the loss and calculate what the gain could have been; if focused on something worth your attention. There is where you find or rewrite the laws that govern you!

No need to worry about proving your value or putting it on display for the wrong people to indulge. Oh no, baby. What/who values you will without a doubt express it with action.

The key to all things is knowing where you end and others begin. I remember discussing how women in the U.S. differ from other countries and you can see it in their {body} build. The body is very telling. You can check out different city's in the U.S. and the divorce rates or what the statistics are for domestic violence. You will notice a common thread amongst each city, state, and the overall U.S. -Lulu

Why did I quote that like that is beyond me. Moving forward.

This is really basic programming that has to do with things like inadequate self-control, younger generations ignoring the lessons learned from earlier generations, a lack of correction, and other things.

Many countries outside of the U.S. are beginning to reflect some of the habits but not enough to cause extreme damage as of yet. Take a look at some your favorite countries and pay attention to the shapes of the women and men. It's not only genetics and diet. It's the education passed down from generations.

You may think this group of people are so cold when it comes to x,y,z. Not really, hunny. Notice the group doesn't have huge weight gain around the abdomen or become emotionally stumped by irrational things. To Americans these people may seem cold, calculated, lack of heart, and down right evil.

That is not always the case, my friend. Control your emotions as they have more to do with your purpose than you may ever understand. Emotions are a tool used to get shit done! Guard your emotions as best you can!


Think about all the sycophants of the world today. It's quite interesting to see how far out of hand things have become in the world. Bad built and friends enjoy it when people appease their lower nature, don't it! Mostly when it has to do with being distracted and failing to make the most of an opportunity presented.

Muscle memory will have you ready to knock a person off their feet for fucking with you. Then you remember , you are no longer that person. That is the old you and you have a little more work to do as you are being perfected in that area.

We have to figure it out! We have so much to do and there are thousands upon thousands of things vying for our attention at any given moment. What do you focus on? Why do you choose to focus on that? Where will this thing your are focused on take you? Who is your primary focus? How do you plan out your counteractions to muscle memory?

This is also why exercise is so important to make a part of your daily to-do's! You can view exercise as means of washing away things that are trying to stick to you (aside from that loaded baked potato I had .)

This is a mini rant on this most glorious Monday! Don't forget I do weekly indie reads in The Foyer and Cellar every Wednesday. You can catch replays on the live tab on the tube as they drop.

Do you have muscle memory built up from a stagnant situation and what are you doing to fight it? Let me know below.

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Jordyn Walters
Jordyn Walters
26 мар.
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Perfect timing. Habits that feel like auto pilot from a time of running and hiding from my problems. I’m fighting that with spontaneity and self-trust/belief. A cycle of depression that is so deeply subconscious that I am just now able to record patterns of so I can break the cycle the next couple times around. Breaking for two generations and decades of build up. I’m fighting that with check ins and grace.

Apologies for the length, but I was called to read this and this truly speaks to what this eclipse season is revealing. Thank you Lulu, I look forward to the masterclass.


17 мар.
Оценка: 5 из 5 звезд.

You really know how to make it make sense! I am grateful for you and your wisdom! In Reverence, I bow to you.


11 мар.
Оценка: 5 из 5 звезд.

Interesting point on why exercising is important! This really gave a new meaning to “getting rid of that spare tire” thanks for sharing!

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