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How to Break the Cycle of Waking Up Tired and Feeling Drained: R.D.P. Solution

Greetings! I stopped by to discuss a bit with you about waking up tired. I have dealt with a lot of people who wake up bruised, exhausted, or both. Realizing what is going on and why is the first step. Is sleep therapy an integral part of your bedtime routine? Self-care operation 1019. Hello!

sleep therapy

Did you:

  1. Uncomfortable sleeping positions could result in muscle spasms, night terrors, or feeling that you haven't slept at all when you wake tf up.

  2. Before going to bed, consider an example or problem: The thoughts that occupy your conscious mind before you lose consciousness can dictate how tired you feel when you wake up or rise. It might even have something to do with underlying sorrow, regrets, etc. if you feel nervous, uncomfortable, or have unanswered questions. It's likely that the things of this chaotic world have grown too familiar to you. Why is this? Think it through.

  3. A strong connection with someone going through a difficult time: More often than not, those who are close to us can influence us. particularly if you don't have boundaries or if your bond is so strong that you absorb their worries, thoughts, and to-do lists.s.

Those are three examples of what it could be that is causing your sleeping life to be interfered with by your waking life. How do you defeat this waking up tired thing? Well, you walk it backwards by doing an audit; when, where, and how did it begin?

Name the spirit, energy, or other!

Let's say number 2 is the cause and waking up tired is the affect. How heavy is the head that has to analyze all the things in their life? Too heavy. We must remember everything isn't for us to figure out or wonder about. I ask that you become more determined regarding what you give your attention to .

With that said, if you wake up tired and depleted because you need answers ask how important the answer is in the practical sense. Then once you have that answer ask how important it is in the spiritual sense. Balance out the two answer by asking that it made plain and clear to you why this is affecting you the way it is.

What drains us has the ability to tame us and have us sink into lower living, doing, and being. May we not be drained by the burdens of this world. May your home be a sanctuary and welcoming space to allow love and grace be the only way. Hello!

How do we prevent this from happening? Well, using the same example this is what we do.

  1. Utilize the balanced response you were given for creating to-do lists that will allow you to relieve your troubles. This will in turn provide you with clarity regarding your waking life. If the practical life is too heavy, the resting life will begin to show the results there of.

  2. Include the events and audit processes you follow as a point of reference for you and others in the future (journal). This is so important in what is considered real hand-me-downs. Hello!

  3. Make it your goal to become an expert in the areas that the issue is requiring you to focus on. By doing so you gain merit in the spiritual world. Just saying. Now then..

  4. Take note of how much effort you devote to things that you have no control over or are unable to 'alter' (mmhmmm). Mental well-being is included in the adage "health is wealth." You know that.

  5. Your bedroom is governed by the sacral chakra/feminine/creativity . This should help you with arranging your room and positioning of your bed and all things that bring you comfort in your Master Space of your home. Hello!

Stay tuned as next week we will discuss interference caused by the person sleeping next to you. Btw, you father say's hi.

That's my Ted Talk.

Have you had issues with waking up tired or drained let me know below in the comments. I look forward to hearing your story!

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Mar 31
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have read this before but I read it again and you have such a wonderful way of making it make sense! Respect


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you 🙏😊


Mar 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I find you incredibly knowedable and I am grateful to have you pass this wisdom onto me. Much love and appreciation Lulu

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