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Mindfulness Journaling Can Help Reduce Stress

lulu eye love sharing the keys to life
The Key

A Mindfulness Journal is one of the most important tools you can implement in order to manage stress. As an introduction to the tool, it simply means keeping a daily journal where you focus on things happening in your life in a more mindful way. It implies being aware of everything, and how this affects your present life. In this article, we share 5 mindfulness journals you can utilize to begin your own mindfulness journaling practice. These are practical, easy to implement tools that anyone can do.

Mindfulness Journal by Gary Null - This book helps you identify and release negative emotions by providing a process for letting go of them. The main goal of this book is to help people find their place in the world. Each chapter tackles a certain aspect of life, such as: How To Get Out of Debt, Success, Healthy Relationships, Money, Self-Esteem, and Spirituality. There are also bonus chapters available if you purchase the book.

A 90-Day Journey to Mindfulness by Lulu Eye Love - This journal provides an introduction to the concept of highlight journaling (eat the meat and spit out the bones.) It starts with a brief description of mindfulness and how to use the journal. It provides A.S.E. worksheets, a space to clear the clutter, daily observations, highlights, affirmations, and other prompts to encourage self reflection, increased self awareness, and self discipline . Lulu Eye Love uses simple terminology and concepts as a conscious guidepost. She then presents 30-60-90 day review prompts, which the user will notice changes in patterns of behavior. This journal will help the user with: Getting Organized, Managing Stress, Living on Purpose with Purpose, Dealing With Difficult People, Focusing On The Main Thing, Managing Money, Getting Your Mind Right, and so much more!

David Suzuki's Man Up magazine - This is a magazine that gives you an introduction to the concept of mindfulness journaling. It starts with a brief description about what the concept means and then goes into explaining how the journal can help you manage stress. There are various ways in which you can get started writing your journal, and Suzuki provides you with a few sample pages to get you started. If you are writing your journal using a notebook, Suzuki has created an easy-to-use page turner that makes it very convenient to document your daily experiences and aspirations. The book also contains numerous tips and ideas for expanding your diary and even experimenting with new formats.

Jennifer Markham's Smart Tips for Thriving - This is a great book for people who are looking to create a mindfulness journal. It gives you ten minutes to record your thoughts, feelings, questions, and even concerns. Markham provides you with an explanation of why writing this way is beneficial, and even shares some sample pages from her own journal to help you get started. There are different ways in which you can write these pages, and she has provided a sample to get you started. There are also several sample chapters available from the book, and each chapter contains a different way to go about journaling.

The Power of Now - With over seventy-five years experience, Barrie Davenport helped people transform their lives by putting them into a state of "now." People can identify and connect with what they want, and then they can begin to manifest it. In addition to creating a mindfulness journal, this book also provides you with helpful exercises to help you change your state of consciousness, as well as information about tuning into what you already know and remembering it. The chapters are self-explanatory and easy to follow. You will learn how to: identify and reflect on the things that bring you joy, avoid negative behaviors, think positively, practice meditation, write, and much more. The book provides you with helpful tips and tools, as well as examples of many different ways you can use 10 minutes each day to focus your awareness on the present moment.

Want to go higher in your ascension and spiritual expansion? Check out The House of Oshun YouTube Channel and the MIndfulness Journal. Both resources are great for encouraging you on your journey.

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