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Crystal Readings With Labradorite

The Star-Player assistant of the week is Labradorite! This crystal comes in many colors like gray with blue, green, and orange iridescence. It is considered a clearing crystal that can bring the owner clarity, transformation, and energetic balance.

Labradorite rose quartz amethyst calcite green aventurine

History: This stone was used for jewerly in Labrador, Finland, and the Ukraine for centuries. You can purcase it tumbled or raw it is all a matter of tastes. I prefer raw stones as the change in frequency is not only felt but seen as well.

Repel: Since the stone is iridescent it has the power to repel negative energies without being detected. The thing about wearing this type of crystal is you will begin to notice a shift in people around you. People who were only around you for their beneift will shift when in your presence due to the powerful connection you create with this beauty.

Divination: Labradorite when used in divination indicates surprise transformation, and transmutation. When worn it brings sudden change of circumstances, mood, and awareness. New opportunities will arise, and a variety of choices will be presented in many ways. Thus, you can charge this crystal with the intent of transforming your circumstances.

Crystal readings: You can use Labradorite in your crystal readings by using an astrology mat to determine which house you need assistance with. When casting your crystals onto a mat it is important that the mat is on an even flat surface and is big enough to catch any stones. It is recommended that your stones are all the same size and no more than 25mm. It also important to use your divination crystals as sacred talisman and use seperate crystals for your other practices. This ensures the sacredness and purity of your readings.

You can make your own astrology mat by creating a map using all 12 houses. It really is simple and a cool way to learn astrology and divine with crystals. If 3 or more crystals fall into a group in one house this indicates an area of emphasis. This may be the cornerstone of your reading. If crystals are touching each other from different houses there may be a link between the houses that needs your attention.

As per usual with readings the information can be subjective to the readers interpertation. I would suggest doing at least 100 free readings for strangers to get a firm grasp of how you work with divining with crystals.

That's my Ted Talk! If you would like to purchase a raw Labradorite from My Mystic Pantry. Feel free to do so.

We will be having a live Workshop at the Academy on December 16th here. Hope to meet and greet you there.

Until next time. Toodles.

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