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The 🗝️: Self Confidence

you can do anything with God who strengthens you

This key is brought to you by the spiritual powers that be. The spiritual powers that surround you and I. Self confidence is a major key in this life used to power us through our life experiences.

Can you name one person who doesn't have an interesting story that should have lowered their morale? One person who didn't face some type of adversity designed to destroy them in some way. Everyone has a story about how they made it to the other side of tragedy and how confident you must be during spiritual battles.

I recall sitting on the porch and listening to older folks gossip about whoever mosied or dropped by. They would talk so passionately about other people's damn business in the stories. They never highlighted a person's weaknesses or blunders without complimenting them or providing a solution to a problem. You could see the knowledge pouring from their pursed lips, ever so gently and sometimes rudely as all outside. I later learned they were rude to certain types of spirits. They never only spoke to the person. They always spoke to the spirit of the person because it needed to be addressed and called out.

These women could either cut you down to size with their words or build you up taller than mount everest. You choose your pleasure when dealing with these ladies. They were the original 'match your vibe' gals. Some of them had jobs, were retired or stay at home wives who had nothing but time to watch and discuss. They themselves lived many lives and the stories were endless.

The wisdom shared can't be compared to any instituition or body of work. They were confident, bold, loving, intelligent, protective, attentive (nosey), fiesty, magical and simply priceless masterpieces. They seemed to know something about everything and that's what had me in awe. You can ask them for advice about ANYTHING. They would not only give you advice, but they would also tell you a tale to back up their statements. It was wonderful! The scientific proof to back up why the advise would work was included in the stories told. You've got to adore it!

You learn from these types of women the importance of confidence by how boldly they would talk to a person in their face! No cowards here. There is no beating around the bush with these gals and they were prepared for the consequences of their truths. They were truthful in their approach and stood on their principles, I said it and I meant it. They knew who to say what to and how to say it. The point is, you knew it was all love no matter what was said or done. These women would announce what they were going to do, and it would be done precisely. They were extremely strong in a variety of ways.

In todays society people have become weakened by fake breast milk. No one wants to be breastfed the truth with love. Nope. Homogenized bitches want to be babied and pampered. A majority of these folks are on cow milk and moo when you tell them the truth becuase it's painful. Because I live to be coddled and cared for like a cat, your comments wound me and hurt my feelings. How can one be self-assured while yet being a haughty bombaclat? It's not feasible. False self-confidence is on the rise these days.

You can appear confident in a picture but how do you handle different issues in your life? Be honest with yourself so it is not hard to hear the truth from someone else. The hard truths we must face are the thing about being honest with ourselves. These hard facts help you develop as a person and help you go deeper into your truth. and thereby produces genuine self-confidence.

When you have a healthy sense of self confidence you are not easily led astray nor derailed from the initial plan. Join us for our next empowering R.D.P. Workshop on December 16th only on The A.S.E. Academy.

What self confidence is:

1 Really confident people do not try to prove anything to anyone.

2 They do not seek attention from others.

3 They exude a natural magnetism and charisma which attracts people towards them.

4 They exhibit joy and happiness at all times.

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Dave Antaeus
Dave Antaeus
25 dic 2023
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Excellent! 🙏😌

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Treat Yourself
Treat Yourself
08 dic 2023
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As usual Lulu your timing is impeccable Thank you this was a beautiful way to wake and start my day a little late but worth the wait.



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