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The Release: Holding on Holds You Back

The Release: Holding on Holds You Back

The art of release free yourself with a.s.e. tools for intutiives

This post is brought to you by the most recent love reads I recorded for the members. As I worked through the reads the theme became clear, Release Your Ex! Sheesh. Then I remembered the year is ending with a Mercury Retrograde. OH boy! There will be many of us revisitng what worked and what did not work as we let that shit go and let that ho know. Often times people think that cord cutting rituals or other practices are sufficient enough to release years of memories and patterns. It is important to look deeper into what you are wanting to release and find the root of the connection. When we hold on to the wrong things they can hold us back and stunt our growth.

Before we jump in don't forget you are invited to Join us on December 16th  for the final R.D.P. Workshop of the year.

Just one third of the work is done when cutting cords in order to liberate someone or something. The final result will be your capacity to process what has occurred, evolve, and improve as a person. Most of the time, people desire a miracle or a simple solution to a problem without having to put in the work to achieve it. They are being unlawful to everyone else in along with themselves.

When it comes to having something to let go of, you are not alone, regardless of whether you are married, single, separated, or divorced. For many parents, letting go of their children when they become adults can be difficult. It can be difficult to release the body's muscle memory associated with a close friend. You guys are only close acquaintances, after all. However, there are other factors that relate; what about muscle memory and chakras?

Waiting for a former lover to return will definitely have your ass in the waiting room with cobwebs on that snatch. The want for more out of life comes with dissatisfaction with what was. It can be annoying to find yourself in a loop until you decide you are dizzy and ready to surrender.

It is extremely important that you develop personal systems based on your personal design. When dealing with people you must know how to deal with yourself first. The relationship you have with yourself will determine how you show up in other relationships with mirrors of you.

You discover in these connections where you need to tweek (not geek out) when there are signs of expansion. One other reason it's a good idea to surround yourself with honest individuals who genuinely care about you. They lack the ability to be honest with you or with themselves.

I encourage you to empower yourself and release what you are holding on to that may be holding you back. When you don't use your own energy someone somewhere is. You see when you leave a part of yourself in another it disempowers you in some way. Your life may be afflicted by weakness, manifesting as poor health, impaired vision, despair, overindulgence, desperation, loneliness, lethargic behavior, emotional instability, humiliation, guilt, and dread, all while living in the past and giving up on your mission.

Join us on December 16th for the final R.D.P. Workshop of the year. We will discuss the art of getting to the root of the issue and preventing yourself from going through it again. We discuss the root and sacral chakras connection to your personal power and sacred mission. It is so important that we all continue to rid ourselves of the bones and digest the meat. The bones are the hard truths that we need revealed to us. The bones are why things didn't work the way we wanted them to initially. The bones show the frame of the matter and all connecting factors.

Let's get to the bones!

Purpose driven people find solutions to answers and take action. This is why they are often confused with people who don't give a fuck. Wolverine, bitch, Wolverine! This will be empowering and powerful. Mark my words.

You can also book a 1:1 consutlation to get to the root of your issue.


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