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The Wheel of Life: It's time to audit

Greetings to you and yours. I pray you are well and fine on this beautiful Monday! It's time for an audit as we enter the season of harmony. We will be taking a look at the wheel of life to audit our lives. The Wheel of Life was created by Paul J. Myer and inadvertently is a part of our natural way of processing our life, goals and the laws that govern us to live a more balanced life.

It is called the "Wheel of Life" because each area of your life is mapped on a circle, like the spokes of a wheel. The concept was originally created by Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation® Institute, Inc.

the wheel of life

With the help of this wheel, you may identify any imbalances in your life and determine what requires and desires your attention. It's very easy.

This week, set aside some time to spend alone with yourself. Don't forget to be honest, hunny.

We should take weekly spiritual breaks because of everything that is going on in this world.

I know you have a new notebook over there, but I wanted to make a workbook as a weekly to-do list.

I digress, let's have a look at the areas of your life and the questions you can ask yourself in order to rate each department.

By the way, the wheel is divided into compartments. When you set boundaries and don't let others cross them, that's how it looks (to me.) Something like brain rooms, maybe. It's most likely the way a man brain works.

Alright, so as a spiritual person having a human experience I can't tell you how important it is that we deal with our practical affairs with a spiritual flair. You can do it put ya' spirit into it.

Now then use the following questions to rate each area of your life. The year of 8 so here are the eight questions.

The grounded.

  • Career: Is my job rewarding? Does it reflect my values? Do I have opportunity for advancement? What do I need to change?

  • Money: Do I earn enough and live within my means? Do I save enough? Am I planning for financial freedom? How much does money matter to me? What are my monetary views?

  • Health: Am I generally fit and well? Do I eat healthy per my design? Do I exercise regularly (or get in at least 30 minutes a day?)

  • Romance: Do I have/want a healthy relationship? Do we share values and intimacy?

  • Friends & Family: Do I have/want a close circle of friends? Do I spend enough time with family and friends? Do I value the relationship we have with each other? Am I a good friend? I would recommend asking those close to you how you can show up for them as a better friend or family member.

  • Personal Growth: Am I continually learning new things? Do I enjoy new opportunities for growth? Are the things I do growing me as a person? spiritual practices, self development, self mastery, self discipline, the selves.

  • Recreation: Do I have fun often? Do I know how to relax? Do I enjoy sports or have hobbies?

  • Physical Environment: Do I like the area in which I live? Is my home comfortable, tidy and warm? Am I satisfied with my appearance? Is my car serviced and reliable?

Don't forget to draw the wheel of life as it appears or download it. It will be good for visualization and meditation. As the wheel turns round and round my deepest desires burn. Burn motherfucker burn. With this exercise you will realize what needs attention and from there you can create action steps. Alright, that is my 1,2 for the day.

Do you plan on doing this? Let me know down below. Until then toodles, dah'ling!

It's Lulu!

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Feb 05
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

 As the wheel turns round and round my deepest desires burn. Burn motherfucker burn…. Yessssssssss passion love it


I sang the burn part 😂. Thank You this is awesome wheel.

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