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2024 Zodiac Sign Reading

Updated: Jan 26

2024 yearly tarot reading at the house of oshun

"I'm doing it because I felt like it" My mantra for the last week when I decide to unapologetically do something that just feels right. What feels right today? Year ahead 1 card reads which may apply to your situation today. Time is fluid. Let's go!

Here is your 2024 Zodiac Sign One Card Reading


Queen of Pentacles/Upright

You'll be establishing fresh ground in both your personal and professional life and becoming more pragmatic. Business endeavers may include a lot of networking and connecting the dots. It's possible that you are currently benefiting from previous investments. In January 2024, you will meet two good people who will be excellent companions in helping you achieve your goals. You'll be ruling the earth realm in terms of your family, house, and money. The moment you decide you're ready for an adventure involving being fertile, what you seek will be presented.

There will also be a certain enchantment in the air.


Ace of Cups/Upright

Oooooh wee! New beginnings in love and your comittment to higher levels of satisfactions. This year your spidey senses will be at the forefront. You will have the perception of an eagle and seeing through all the bullshit. You may be going through an awakening or intitation it depends on your personal path. There will be lots of new perspectives and ideas provided by your spirit guides that will help you in all areas of your life Golden wings, golden wings. There may be a magnetism about you that you have not witnessed in quite sometime as it seems 2023 took it's toll. The golden wings will be dripping with a high energy that attracts perfect opportunities to you. Be sure to remain open to new ideas, jobs people, and the power of yor golden wings. Connected to your thoughts , these wings will take you places and quickly.


Seven of Swords/Upright

You have a lot on your plate and should pay attention to the best choice for your highest good. You may not be seeing things clearly walking into the year. Go ahead and straighten it out prior to the new cycle in February. You may be running away from truths by busying yourself with what you are use to. It is time for a change. The seven of swords can be faulty communication or technology and lies or betrayal. In this case it may be that you are lying to yourself. It's time for the truth. This seven can regress into a 6 to balance out the situation you find yourself in. By doing so you can maintain that balance by meditating often and affirming your prioroties throughout the day. If you find yourself on thin ice, slow down and audit your environment and motives.


Ten of Wands/Upright

This year you will be reaching out to more people for help. Not enough play or too much work may have caused you too view life differently and want to open up. Your family and friends did not help because they did not understand your situation. You make it look easy. However, you will be more vulnerable in the coming months. You may have felt burdened by your responsibilities and thought about giving up. You cross the threshold by ending this energetic cycle you were in. You were feeling depeleted because you were not doing the vibe check for yourself. Instead you were only vibe checking people who would come around to help you. Now you will recognize when something is too much to bare in your spirit prior to going there.


The Magician/Upright

Ahhhh, yes! You are starting the year off on your best shit! Life changing events will be taking place and you will be in the drivers seat for a time. You have an angelic covering that you must maintain as often as possible. This covering will be seen in your communications and investments. There is an air about you having things your way and many will approach you. People will try to get things over on you but the covering will protect you off top. You have traveled a steep road in 2023 and 2024 will feel paved and straightforward. Enjoy this ride. You may even manifest a new beginning with someone who you're meant to spend the rest of your life with. I like it! Go, Virgo!


Four of Wands/Upright

You have so much to be grateful for and it shows. This is a marriage or succesful relationship that was meant to be. Lots of danicing and socializing for the first few months of 2024. A sense of peace is here and it's very inviting. You will be content in spirit which shows in your environment, influence, aura, and personal relationships. There may be a settling down or finding a new place you want to live. If not redecorating will change the location you are in which is recommened as this is a card of creativity and balance. Stand in your truth with grace. I like that!


Ten of Cups/ Upright

Love is all up in the air, ain't it! There is a sense of peace and fulfillment in this year. You will hear from long lost loved ones (here and there.) Butterflies will be everywhere you go and may be a totem guide of yours. You have transformed and will have feelings of being on track. You are supported by your ancestors and loved ones. Your ideas are welcomed, finally. Someone is understanding you more than you ever imagined. Scary huh? Nah, this was meant to be. Deeper connection with your life purpose and a sense of harmony in your daily habits. I see more smiles and interacting with your siblings, parents, and children. I can dig that!


Ten of Swords/Upright

Problems resolved and new plans come to the forefront of your consciousness. There may have been some hurdles the last few months of 2023 and you made it. You didn't give up or in and it shows here. Your mindest has matured and any addictions have been swept away. You may have left something or someone cold turkey (which is good after xmas.) After achieving enough for a grand celebration you are now moving into a renewed state like that of a young eagle. Your ability to see the silver lining in fucked up situations has peaked. You are a counselor, teacher, sage, and extremely insightful. This next leg of your journey will be about applying what you have learned and watching things manifest quickly for you.


Six of Pentacles/Upright

Karmic reward in the earthly realm. You may see the results of your workout or diet regime. There is a settling of debts and harmony at your workplace. Your heart is pure and you have unexpected changes that are fated to happen. Expect the unexpected in the coming year. You may have a strong mental sense at this time and mastering the art of material war. This war begins with your habits and the stories you tell yourself. There is comfort in your home and overall environment where things may have been challenging in the past. Renewing your ideas and connection to making things happen all while using the law of progress as an assistant.


The Empress/ Upright

You move into the year with the power of creativity! You have what it takes and you need to take action. You will benefit from moving forward with an idea or innovative writings you have completed. They are saying don't wait for the right time, feel and listen for the right time. You may find yourself fertile and readily producing quickly and efficiently. The wheel is up for you and there is a need to take advantage of all life has to offer. Lots of dancing, swimming, and being flexible are your strong points. Dance with the flow of your life force and swim with the idea that you are carried. Your flexibility will have you doing the unthinkable with no fear of repercussions because it is what you are called to do. Bend! Not for others but for your vision.


Five of Wands/Upright

Change is inevitable. You may have to narrow down your goals to what makes sense in your current experience. Your goals are opposing and their may be a number of opinions about what you should do. Connect and ask for Divine Instruction to make your decision. This is not a time to rely on your ego or someone elses idea of what your life should be. You may find people competiing for your attention or causing challenges with you. In that case stay mindful, present, and aware at all times to control your energy and drive. You may have overly ambitious people wanting your attention for their gain. Stay present, ho!


Knight of Swords/Upright

Seek wise counsel. This year begins with you having information and ideas and in need of a mentor. There will be things you will have to act on without hesitation, especially when you know it is Divinely guided and orchestrated. There will be many unexptected changes and your intuition will be sharp. You will find that you have lots of creative ideas and working with a new Ascended Master that will flood you with information. The changes appear enormous so stay grounded and as prepared as possible. Lots of communication coming from different directions. I see someone answering phones like back in the 20's with the plugs and shit. I like it. Talk yo intellegent shit, Cancer!

That's it. If you want weekly reads join us on patreon! Every Wednesday I drop indie reads in The Foyer.

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