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The Types of People to leave in 2023

Updated: Jan 26

We have two more days to close the doors on what was and welcome what is with intent. The types of people to leave in 2023 may be deeper than the person. It may be connected to a part of you that is ready to grow and experience something new. Spot your old self or the new you in those who are reflecting back to you where you may stand. Next week we will discuss boundaries.

people to walk away from

The people in our lives are either promoting self development and evolution or not so much. Use your discernment and critical thinking in all things. Get out of your feelings because you are attached to what was. Maya Angelou told you all 'when people show you who they are believe them' it's that simple. No harm no foul.

Types of people to leave in 2023:

  • People who are always too busy or tied up when you need them. These are the types of people who may never make time for you. If you find yourself having grace more than getting real answers and help from them leave them in 2023. You may be attached to what they once did or an idea of them that is not real.

  • People who gossip and slander others. These types live their life through others and do not produce or work to be a service to others. If they are in a service field you should question their position and integrity. On the other hand you may be moving away from this type because you realized what one says about another will eventually have you as the topic of discussion. As we ascend we learn even more the value of high frequency conversations and the effect on our lives caused by the words we speak in collaboration with others.

  • People who talk down on their ex partners are hard to trust. The context of the conversations are always all the bad things the ex partner did and no accountability on their behalf. You may find that these types have a pattern of cycling through the same types of partners and do not understand the errs of their ways. If you remain strongly connected to these people you will realize they are draining and take no responsibility for their friendships and have an unhealthy relationship with themselves.

  • People who spill others secrets. This is huge because when we are young getting mad and spilling the beans out of anger or frustration was a thing. However when we know better we do better. Those who spill deep secrets to others can not be trusted. Whew. I am feeling convicted with this one because I have family members that have said some mediocre things compared to what I can drop on the table. God, forgive me now! Alright I'm back. Pull away from people who live under the guise of truth tellers who spill others secrets. I will be teaching more about this.

  • People who do not accept their mistakes. Instead of saying they messed up they carry on like it didnt happen and expect you not to bring it up again. The ultimate gas-lighters will turn it around on you. This can cause you confusion and anxiety. If you begin to question the truth due to this, you should re-evaluate your connection to these types. You will find that you may have been standing up and in the gap for someone who would never for you. These types can point out and hold you to your faults and never their own.

  • People who are a different person around others. Do you really know this person? We learn in our formative years about these types. Remember that one childhood friend who would act different around their family members? Those who you 'go out' with and they turn into a totally different person when they step out the car. These types are chameleons and their character should be checked. I'm not talking about code-switching because I understand this. I'm speaking of people who try to upstage you or pretend to barely know you when around others. These types can't be trusted they have a fake image to uphold and should be left right where you found them.

In the same way we grow out of trends, clothes, cars, and mindset programming we grow out of people. Okay , short and quick list. Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR may you ease into the new year with gentleness, ease, and grace! Click the button below to get weekly insight with self development tips. Btw, an expert in a 60 Minutes interview titled Artificial Intellingence about AI has confirmed what i've told you all along. Hone your spiritual gifts! It's now or never. The importance of your spiritual gifts and ability to discern real from fake is taking a turn. Good, bad, or indifferent... hone!


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I love this post because I truly believe in everything you said. I have a close family member that is all the above & extremely toxic. Only challenge…we are housemates 😒 However, I feel this year is going to be different…in fact, much better because I’m choosing to set boundaries ❤️ Thank you LuLu for your insight & Much blessings to you & yours throughout the New Year! 🎉🥂Asé

Replying to

that can be hard but the kicker is dark finds it hard to exist in light. spread your light throughout that place daily and nightly!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

You are so right, Lulu. I pray you and your family have a safe, blessed New Year 🙏🏽 ✨️ 💜💜

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