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Personal Boundaries: Your Force Field of Security Part 1/5

Updated: Jan 26

boundaries using the chakras

A week has passed, but I've still arrived in your email! Let's discuss about establishing personal limits today. Boundaries are the guidelines and restrictions we place on ourselves, defining where one thing ends and another begins.

In a relationship, boundaries help people know what is and is not acceptable. Boundaries, in essence, help you assert your divine sovereignty and stand in your truth. There are several types of boundaries: material, physical, energetic, mental, emotional, and so on.

Different people claim that boundaries lead to division. This can be manipulative in nature. Determine the conversation's context and the spirit speaking those remarks. Who knows, maybe you'll discover something new about your opinions and yourself.

Boundaries must be both firm but adjustable. You could occasionally discover that the limits you've placed on yourself have prevented you from moving forward.

That's the reason we emphasize in our lessons the value of being adaptable to positive change. Your Star-player might be helping you on your path in an unexpected way, even if the adjustments seem uncomfortable to you.

Part 1: Emotional Boundaries

Among the most essential are the emotional boundaries. A rigid outlook and unnecessarily strong boundaries might be caused by childhood trauma (sexual, creative, all work and little play, joy, or playfulness), among other factors to take into account while building emotional boundaries.

You can experience a natural flow of happiness, excitement, creativity, and stimulation when you have healthy emotional limits. You are a part of the universe's overarching love and acceptance of who you are.

Emotional boundaries that have been breached can lead to a variety of problems, including anxiety, sadness, low self-esteem, and creative blockages.

Healthy boundaries:

  1. you know where you begin and others end

  2. you say no and mean it and yes and mean it

  3. you understand your overall desires are separate from others

  4. you do not take rejection personal by implemtnting self c

  5. you honor and respect your body

  6. you embrace joy and nurture yourself

  7. you accept yourself the way you are and when you decide to reinvent yourself

  8. you know when you are triggered and have go-to's to resolve issues instead of internalizing

  9. you don't mind asking for help as it is a sign of strength

  10. you take time out to disconnect from the world to recharge and ask that it is so

Our emotions are a very powerful tool and if misused can cause us to veer off our paths. Ask anyone who has gone through emotional turmoil how long it took before they felt restored, relief, or re-calibrated.

It an take some time thus, be gentle with yourself and your process. Emotions are expensive and a part of your life force energy. Your sacral chakra is connected to important organs that administer information to your spirit/will to fulfill your life purpose.

Dwelling on heartaches and pain can cause you to miss important opportunities and give your power away.

The art of forgiveness is a birth-rite. Think about it, if you can't forgive well in the past you must live. It's not cute or fitting to such a beautiful creature such as yourself.

You were born to be a product of Divine love and light on this planet. It is hard to see that if you close your sacred portals.

Remember, you know what you feel and if it is real to you . You should not have to go above and beyond to prove your feelings. Proof is for court cases unless you are proving to yourself that what you feel is real.

People who matter will know you in-depth without having to be impressed with extreme acts of kindness.

Respect yourself enough to take care of yourself and look not to hand that responsibility over to another.

This was a quick 1,2 discussion. Drop your questions below and I'll get back with you at my earliest convenience.

Next we will discuss one of the other boundaries that are important. I didn't want to flood you with troves of information.



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Oh and I think you are funny af and you make me laugh out loud and i thank you for that. Keep rising! You beautiful soul.


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I find you facinating and im grateful to you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge! Respect and admiration to you


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I appreciate your strong wisdom in my emails, it Always helps me in my moment. Thank you!!

Lulu Eye Love
Lulu Eye Love

You're welcome and thank you for joining me in this space!

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