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Resistance is futile!

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Good Day Housemates!!!

No. Today’s blog is not about Star Trek, but I have decided to add this phrase to my spiritual lexicon. I am feeling fancy and verbose today. Since we’re hanging out in The Land of Verbosity, some of you may know that the Borgs were not the first to utter this phrase. It was the Cybermen from Dr. Who, and before them possibly the Daleks in the ’60s.

Ok. Enough of the Star Trek and Dr. Who trivia. Why is this phrase important? Its meaning, whether spoken by laser-shooting Borgs, Cybermen, or Daleks, is usually about assimilation.

It is a warning not to resist. It is a warning to a group of people about to be subjugated.

“Be dominated on someone else’s terms, or resist and die on your own.”

Again, we are hanging out in The Land of Verbosity. Last week after writing “A Call To Action,” I got my spiritual ass handed to me. I realized that I had said no to an opportunity. I said no to someone I wouldn’t usually say no to in the most subtle way.

Be mindful of how the trickster shows up in your life. Be aware of the subtle ways you say no without realizing it.

What are the subtle ways you say no out of fear of not being ready or prepared?

Do you even know when you’re ready?

Is it more important to be ready or to show up?

Resistance is futile! Yes, you have free will. Yes, you have the right not to answer the call. You have the right to walk away from your purpose and withhold your healing and gifts from the world.

How does that feel?

Is there an emotional response that you have when you realize that you took a slight turn left when you should’ve kept going?

Does your spiritual GPS automatically say rerouting in an attempt to get you back on track?

Where do you feel it in your body?

For me, this time, it was accompanied by a feeling of shame. I didn’t feel it in one part of my body but within my entire being. It was the shame of realizing I did not trust I would be held.

It was the shame of realizing in the most subtle of ways I had said no to my Ancestors and Guides. In the most subtle of ways, I had told them I did not trust. I had forgotten all of the obstacles seen and unseen that they had removed from my path.

Even though I use the word shame, it is not as if I was sent to the time-out corner and made to face the wall. Sometimes we fall. How long it takes you to get back up will depend on


How mindful, present, and aware you are.

Once I realized what I had done, I created a list.

What are the subtle ways I say no out of fear?

Missteps and mistakes are meant for learning, not curling up into a ball, and never seeing the light of day again. I was happy for the chance to notice the subtle no’s. I was grateful that I stopped and let my GPS reroute me. I was grateful another chip in my armor had been exposed so that I could patch it up.

Resistance is futile! When you are doing the work, you are always assimilating. You are constantly trying to digest all of the new knowledge that comes your way.

Sometimes it feels like all you are doing is gathering. Sometimes it feels like the universe is doing a softball windup and pelting you with balls while you think to yourself, I wonder if they remember I only have two hands?!

Resistance is futile! When you remember how it feels to say no.

Resistance is futile! When you remember how not answering the call to action feels.

You give up resistance.

You remember that you are always held and protected.

Knowledge informs intuition but no level of preparedness can stand up or outstand you when you have been ordained by Spirit.

Whew!!!! On a lighter note! It’s Libra season y’all!

Do you feel it?!

Close your eyes and feel the scales balancing while you are balancing.

Please sing Happy Birthday to the Queen of House.

Stevie Wonder style! Thank you!

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