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Sit Up!

Hello, My Wonderful Housemates!

Before we move forward I need you to sit up. I need you to breathe and sit the fuck up.

How you hold your body is important. The slumping, and rounded shoulders of a curved back almost broken, yielding to the pressures of life-Don’t do that.

Don’t slump

Sit up straight

Pull your shoulders back

Lift the girls up

Chest out

Head up

Set your eyes on the horizon.

It is the only destination that matters.

Your posture is important. It nonverbally communicates what you are experiencing internally.

What is your posture telling the world?

Is it saying I’m a bad mothafucka don’t mess with me?

Is it telling the world that your back is a welcome mat?

The truth is if you want to get any “joy” out of what you are feeling, your body will take on the full expression of that emotion or state of being.

Sit up

Head up

Chest out

Your body is built to look towards the horizon.

No human being walks around with their head down unless there is something physically wrong, or it is by choice.

How far will you get if your eyes are focused on the ground?

How long can you walk forward with your head turned in another direction?

What is behind you is behind you, and the only way to see it is if you look back.

Sit up

Head up



Tell yourself, “I’ve got this! I’m a bad mothafucka!” Even if you don’t believe it, declare it. Make sure your posture matches the declaration.

Your mind is powerful and believes what you tell it.

“As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Don’t allow yourself to linger in negative and unhelpful thoughts. We are human. Yes, we need to allow ourselves to experience our emotions, but try not to stay there too long. If you want to linger in your emotions than linger in absolute joy. Lounge in your happiness and remember the posture of it.

Whatever you are going through you will see yourself on the other side of it. Sometimes we have to walk into a dark room without a flashlight. You will fumble. You will stub a toe. You will walk into sharp objects. As long as you are committed to the process, you will see the other side of it stronger, healthier, and wiser.

I know. I turned into a freaking drill sergeant today.

Isn’t every Virgo?

Aren’t we always telling people what they need to do?

I like to think of it as a strong suggestion.

Why do I even care?

Why am I experiencing a sensation of pure bliss?

Why am I smiling while I write this?

The thought of you standing in your strength, the thought of you moving through the world knowing that you are a pure expression of the Divine fills my heart with absolute joy.

Many of us have come from and lived through so many things, with no help, and no one to share our experiences with.

Isn’t it nice to finally be in good company?

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Feb 02, 2021

ASE!!! I Claim It and so it is!.

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