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The Dream Weed

You would think he would want no part of this.

His head doesn't tilt in inquiry.

He doesn't run to seek refuge in another room underneath the bed.

The author lights the mugwort smudge stick.

And this dog, who is named after an alien,

smiles as he wags his tail with excitement.

He leads the charge through the house.

Head held high, chest out, trotting as if he were a mastiff.

He knows this ritual so well the author thinks he created it.

What does Gizmo know about black sage?

Does he know it deepens intuitive abilities?

Does he know that it's a lunar herb?

His expressive eyes tell the author that Gizmo knows more about black sage than she does. Of course, he knows that it repels insects and moths. The author is certain that Gizmo knows mugwort can be used for protection, and is more suited for cleansing the air when the energy is extremely heavy.

Yes, he knows this sacred herb has antiseptic properties. He knows it's associated with the Greek Goddess Artemis. Gizmo understands that mugwort is related to the female reproductive system.

What else does Gizmo know about mugwort?

Well, he knows that it's also known as the dream weed. In fact, the author believes this is the main reason Gizmo loves this ritual so much.

He loves to sleep.

The author is sure Gizmo knows black sage is a dream enhancing herb that activates the seat of consciousness. She believes wherever Gizmo travels he is gallant. His Shih Tzu body knows no limitations. The author believes Gizmo remembers his dreams. How could he not remember them with such deep and soulful eyes?

Yes. Gizmo has to know mugwort is also known as the dream weed.

There is no other explanation for his willingness to participate in this ritual...

Gizmo waits for me to approach his bed.

Everything, and every being in this house gets cleansed.

He watches me closely, as he wags his tail.

He looks up at me as I turn towards him to kneel

He doesn't flinch.

He doesn't run.

I take a minute to breathe...

Yes. Gizmo knows black sage is also known as the dream weed.

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