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The Follow-up: The Pancreas the Spiritual Connection

I pray you are well and fine on this most glorious day! Now then let's discuss the Pancreas and the ramifications of not living in your truth and standing on business. On the most recent Mudra reads the pancreas and the spiritual connection came up and I did not want to elaborate as it would have taken some time to discuss. So here we are!

What is the pancreas? Let's ask a professional.

A compass showing the importance of connecting to your true north. Pancreas connects to the solar plexus
True North

The pancreas is an organ located in the abdomen. It plays an essential role in converting the food we eat into fuel for the body's cells. The pancreas has two main functions: an exocrine function that helps in digestion and an endocrine function that regulates blood sugar.


Lulu Eye Love teaching about the pancreas and the spiritual connection to recognize, defeat, and prevent dis-ease. A.S.E, Academy

The pancreas is connected to the Solar Plexus and can be damaged when things that are not dealt with appropriately/timely are handled before they touch down here on earth. Many dis-eases and dis-mantlings begin in the astral. How they manifest in our lives can be tricky and prevented. the pancreas helps digest food (emotions and information metaphysically speaking) and assists with controlling your blood sugars (sugars for us older girls.) When your pancreas isn't digesting information properly you may crave sweets, fried foods, etc because of a response to a weakening of the ego.

People with issues in this area feel a lot of shame, guilt, and the need to define themselves in an unhealthy way. Childhood traumas surrounding what you believe about your personal power or can do attitude. Or the definition of the self is centered around what others need to see or what you want them to see to validate who you claim to be. That's going to be a fuck no!

People who are overly aggressive, controlling, always the victim and rarely want to hear the truth can be imbalanced in this area.

Low self esteem and folding under peer pressure can cause the solar plexus to spin backwards and become inflamed. Cold world ain't it? Fatigue, eating disorders, stomach issues, pain in the back and sides can be a sign or symptom. Go check out the medical blog above because i'm here to talk about it from the metaphysical/spiritual side.

Of course this isn't about self diagnosis because many of these things can be a sign or symptom of something else going on in or near the same area.


To clear up stuk energy in the astral body and the life a person is living takes dedication and discipline. Self mastery is key to living a winning lifestyle. Empath

The first step to recovery is admitting there's a motherfucking problem. Now then how do you defeat this with a 1,2 in your everyday to-dos? Take responsibility for your life and figure out who you are aside from who you think you are. Who you are will not come with arguments, bowing down to fit a mold, or the inability to digest things that may not agree with your stomach. Let's say someone tells you a truth that is the equivalent of caviar on a sour pickle. Just because what they have said isn't palatable to you doesn't mean you shouldn't try it.

Often times people create a diet in their head where they only want to hear and see ONLY what keeps them comfortable. Well in this case being too comfortable can end you. What kind of shit is that!

Your confidence should be top tier! Confidently stand in who you are and what you are doing to the point of using your discernment with should be confident enough to accept other viewpoints, here painful truths or even do things that take you out of your comfort zone.

This is a requirement when it comes to facing the many levels of ascension we encounter. If you are not in a space of clarity and connection with your Star-Player regularly you may miss a step. It happens, now get the hell back on track. Okay? Thank youuuuu!

Having a playful and smiling energy about you that comes from within will also be a great start. This light shining from you will give you a sense of power and confidence that needs no help being. It just is.

Your self discipline when it comes to be okay with not controlling everything and everyone all the time will help with that inner balance needed to live a life in flow.

If you have been disappointed as a child and it has poured over into your adult life, seek wise council. The emotional body may have some deep seated healing that needs professional assistance. As adults we face disappointments and release it as we go. If you are an adult who needs help with working out emotional pitfalls book with me or therapist, counselor, reiki master, etc. Go where you are led. Do the work today, not tomorrow.

If it is indeed an attachment or something you picked up in which you can be delivered from speak with a High ranking spiritualist or Man of the Cloth. They will be able to name it, remove it and clear you. Remember, when the door closes yu must fill the home with sweet things and not allow the re-entry as it will be worse than before. {edited I had to add this tidbit}

I noticed that many people with pancreas issues don't feel connected to God or anything but things of this world. This is not to say some people may have inherited some deep seated medical issues that are a part of their path.


Working on the self can help with pancreas issues when handled spiriually
Keep it out

Now that you have worked out your trauma and moving forward on your path with class lets discuss prevention.

  1. Stand on mental, physical, and spiritual business!

  2. Notice where your reaction to things that do not go your way

  3. Create affirmations to counter any of the negative traits you have fixed or find in the future

  4. Study yourself weekly by sitting with self and auditing your thoughts, feelings, and doings with the NOUNS - learn thy self!

  5. Do your shadow work as it arises (don't put off tomorrow what you are guided to look at today, Damon!)

  6. Regular exams and checkups for you Humans you may add tumeric and buckwheat to your diet

  7. Live the Sweet life without eating all the sweets running your sugars through the rough and shit

  8. Have faith in your personal power and jump out here in this world with us. Add a little fuck it to your coffee every morning. Fuck it if they don't like me, fuck it if they don't believe in my vision, fuck it if they don't see all this light shining down on their asses... you know stuff like that.

  9. Live a life of love and grattitude and handle emotional dis-ruptions properly

  10. Create a diet that agrees with your personal design (the things you have gathered based on your lineage, location, intuitively, and lab tests)

  11. Ask that you live in you truth (true and authentic self attached to purpose) don't forget that it may be a wild ride but in our hearts we are cowgirls and cowboys, baby!

  12. Always be accountable for the part you play in fucked up situations. Not to say some things may have nothing to do with your part, audit regularly.

  13. Defy the odds especially if you noticed the pattern in major players in your family.

Alright that is my Ted Talk for the day. I love y'all!

Love Indie reads are on and will be updated this week with General Indie reads. Homework will be added to Le Cellar this week as well. Book me below can't wait to work with you!

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Fabulous tips, Lulu. Thank you!

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