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When The Trees Speak

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

The author doesn't know why,

but whenever she hears chimes,

she knows the trees want to speak...

The most wonderful thing about trees

is they know themselves completely.

What can you tell a tree about living?

They know about darkness and light.

Trees know how to surrender

without a fight.

They know how to dig deep and stand in their truth.

They know how to yield and bend

without breaking, and when they do,

they do it gracefully.

Trees grow in every direction.

They reach for the stars.

They grow deep into the Earth.

Their branches reach out with purpose.

No hesitation.

No second guessing.

No overthinking.

They just grow and reach.

What can you tell trees about living?

They know growth like no other being.

Trees understand that no one is ever still,

even when they appear to be.

Have you ever been like a tree?

Shedding your leaves willingly?

Dormant until spring?

Changing colors in the fall,

branches lifting, waving...


They know everything about living.

The trees have taught the author

how to listen carefully.

She sits underneath a tree.

Legs crossed.

Spine straight.

Head facing forward.

Eyes closed, she listens patiently.

When the author hears the chimes singing,

her lips betray her heart,

and reveal a gentle smile.

Her gentle smile turns into a full grin.

She looks up to see the leaves dancing

above her head.

Chimes are protective.

When the author hears them,

she knows her space is safe.

She leans into the silence they create.

Chimes ward off unwanted visitors.

Their tone is soothing, and relaxing.

It doesn't matter if the author

is actually sitting underneath a tree.

Whenever she hears chimes singing,

she knows the trees want to speak.

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