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R.D.P: Weakness Exploitation

Greetings, another lengthy post. :)

Ah, yes the work of the enlightened ones. As long as you dwell this earth and have a heart of gold and compassion a weakness will be exploited. A problem will need a solution. Your plant will need to be re-potted. Your crown will need to be upgraded. Your connection will need to be stronger. Your bolts will need to be tightened. Okay, let's move forward.

When we think back to the very beginning.

children should be protected and never neglected
The good old days!

Remember the first time (go way back) you were being taken for a ride; may it be some form of manipulation, lies, betrayal, abuse, neglect, bamboozled, or what have you. There you will find the truth of your will-power. There you will find the foundation of how important you are. There you will notice how things that happened to you of the unsavory kind connect.

In those connections you will find a weakness that you have not paid attention to. May it be lack of real un-biased people in your life ( a true friend), unable to see a therapist, or the good ole "what happens in this family stays in this family-sweep it under the rug." The weakness may appear different to you than when you were 8 or 12. We live in 7 year cycles.

Who knows your story better than you? Not me. It is only so long that we can blame our parents and upbringing for how we turned out. The brain is fully developed by age 25, that is a good age to take responsibility for ourselves.

How can you heal, seal, and properly close the door on an a leak in your foundation if you have not properly inspected it? This is important. There are many people who choose not to inspect and continue to live their lives at what they deem the most painful level of their lives. They quit. Give up. Don't want to pass GO.

Something was too much to handle, so they become numb and live a robotic life. They can't see the sky as untapped potential because the ceiling they've created is as far as they wish to go.

Trauma can really stop a good, wholesome, loving, inspiring, caring person from fulfilling their life mission. We see it all the time. The next time you are out and about ask a homeless person why they're on the streets.

Drop them an offering of course and please don't talk to that one homeless lady that called me a bitch. She is not one of the ones who is willing to tell you a hot dang thang!

Many will tell you they chose to be homeless, ask them to go deeper and be amazed. Every soldier has a story to tell.

Not only homeless folks, people who have been working the same job for 30 years and have never traveled or explored their purpose. Travel is so important for us Lighthouses. It is important for us to experience different cultures, environments, and people. By doing so, we are activated many ways via different hemispheres. altitudes, longitudes, lex-steele, and energetic grids across the lands.

A life outside of working, paying bills and going along to get along may be for many but not for all. I believe each of us have a purpose that is far more than we can conceive in this moment. This is why we take our time, enjoy the journey, armor up, an LIVE. Live a life of love an compassion. The journey is far more interesting than the destination. Because if you want to make it to the end of the game, you may as well have some interesting stories to tell. I digress...

tree of life available on
Connect to your world TREE

Trauma/pain is subjective and individualized for the most part. Two people riding in the same car can have different experiences in a car accident. It could be different pain thresholds, one may be desensitized due to chemical imbalances, or divine intervention (ie one of the pansengers was ejected from the vehicle and doesn't remember anything but bright lights and waking up in an ambulance.)

There are many reasons why what hurts you doesn't hurt someone who went through a similar experience. This is where compassion steps in. Deal with others with grace because you may not understand why Erica is upset about something you wouldn't bend a brow about.

There is a pain body that we collectively are a part of that would require for us to evolve on purpose as well. The individual pain body can be tied to a collective pain body that can make it challenging to disconnect from when healing has taken place (ie poverty, slavery, politics, etc.) I digress...

The enemy doesn't attack empty houses.
Ooooh looks like a lot of love lives in there!

You see, bad built and friends don't attack or ransack empty houses. Oh no! Anyone who is destined to be a beacon of light in this crazy world will be exploited one way or another. They will try to seize on our every weakness, ignorance or carelessness to enter our temple and environment. This is why it is so important to inspect your temple regularly. Identify the weakness which is being exploited and come to terms swiftly with it.


R. D. P:

Weakness Exploitation

1. Recognize the pattern of behavior associated with the leak. Was it giving too much to the wrong people? Were you being driven by a false sense of self? Did you hand your power over to another? Give a name to what needs to change. One thing for sure bad built and friends will be in disbelief when you figure it out.

2. Defeat by creating an action plan to heal, destroy, and remove the way of entry-the leak. Once you name the culprit and take action all hell will break loose. You were supposed to give up on love. The love of life, yourself and your fellow humans and shit. How many triumphs over tragedy have you had in your life? Oh, that's a gidamn lot! Look at you a spiritual warrior having an 'ordinary' existence.

3. Prevent create a declaration, sign it, seal it, and deliver it! Once you have recognized and defeated what it is you are meant to master. Preventing is simple, don't open a nailed shut door ever again. Vow to never go back, decree and declare it! When you know better and have experienced a multitude of sorrows and pain in your life, why would you want to do it again?


Lulu Eye Love owner of The House Of Oshun and A.S.E. Academy
It's Lulu

I'll wait. Remember, when bad built and friends return as they hang outside your house awaiting hairline crack to enter again. They don't come alone. They bring more horribly built friends. Meaning, what you went through the last time will be a cakewalk compared to what you will experience the next go aroun.

Remember, the unraveling is endless and you do get breaks in-between each level of ascension. You know that? Thus, they won't stop but how you respond an react will change. With that change comes power. Stay connected to The Most High God and check yourself for leaks regularly.

May your eyes see the truth, your mind have clarity of direction, and your spirit be light as a feather as you journey own young bucks. Journey on!

Sidebar: These are simple to-do's as we live in a world of information overload. What i've gathered from working in this line of work all my life, is that it's so important to simply remind people of the basics.

It is mostly because Emerging Intuitives want to be Senior Intuitives without graduating to the next level. You will either pave the way on purpose with purpose or you will buy your way and learn some interesting things.

Throw an Emerging Intuitive who wants to skip steps in a circle with a group of Senior Intuitives. Lions don't allow any and everyone in their pride. It's wild outside ladies and gents.

Drop a comment below with topics suggestions.

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Treat Yourself
Treat Yourself
Nov 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

🙏💜🙏 Forever Grateful for you Lulu May God the divine universe and the Holy spirt keep you and my fellow housemates here doing the work with no ill intent Protected and and Continue keeping The House of Oshun Stronger than Bad Built and friends.🌿🌈 🌻 Tom and jerry the episode wher he find a new home and does his fuck u io’m out dance all the way to live with the witch wanna laugh you tubr this episode My fave episode and when Jerry's white mouse cousin with the fencing sward comes to visit from i forgot 😂BTS


Oct 31, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

No topic ideas just keep writing as inspired just want I need.... sending you loveeeee


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love it, you always give deep inspiring information. If you don't get the message the first time, read it over and over till you get it 🙏🏽💜💜

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